Friday, August 17, 2007

I Am Jelly You Are Coco

Staying at this kind of gelid and glacial like free-spiritedness place would definitely turn just anyone from the metropolis lunatic and psychologically unbalanced .

First of all is the never ending boreal weather chilling your calcium sticks every now and then ; which could simply just make anyone feel remorse for coming here .

Second would be the psychology torture for anyone single aged 21 to 28 . This is not a joke , and becoming more and MORE serious . After staying here for almost half a year , i've seen enough . Enough .

My advise would be : DON'T EVER , EVER come to Tasmania for more than a year ! It's fucking DEPRESSING !!!

Here are some interestingly extrinsic straight dopes .

Tasmanian juniors desperately find their "other half" during their high school times . Once they found them , they coupled up for a few budding years . Ask me what they do in between these senescence years . They have those countless house parties Tasmanians are so famous for where everyone gets drunk together in another same old eyesore wreck house - you can always hear the OZ (Aussie) style music playing at the background - so irritating , so annoying , galling . I can never understand how they enjoy musics about Uncle Jon digging up potatoes at your garage or your mother eating her son's denim up to her knees ! Ridiculous screwy scatterbrains .

Tasmanian seniors on the other hand give birth to innumerable kids when they were not even married . Apparently , this is encouraged here . Unbelievable . Those who could afford a marriage would do so at a young age and then live separate lives and with separated children . Those who couldn't afford a marriage and have many children would STILL do so and as a result ? Their government which is so much richer than ours would then build houses at a suburb called Rocherlea to place these people .

Here is a story to share . I have a friend , *Pole , who went to Rocherlea with his mate to see this place where he gets drug supplies . The scene is : a red haired mother asking her 7 year old son who is running around OUTSIDE the house during WINTER to fetch her the tools , plastic bags , and DRUGS to sell them to *Pole's friend . Imagine what would this kid grow up to be ????? Here is a sad story ; there is NO awareness at all ! None . *sigh*

The government can help , but only that far ; to provide houses , land , and supporting their school fees where this office named "CentreLink" i pass by everyday give out money to students age i think 18 to 25 every week ! If only we have THAT in Malaysia . But to come think about it , how is Australia still a better country than ours ? Even Tasmania is so much better than a town say Muar at Johor state .

That was all about the whites . What about the yellows ? Asians .

Male new comers here question the male "remainers" why aren't there any girls in this town .

Girls who came here at around age 20 and graduates about 25 would :

1. Pair up with some Asian man and become Tasmanialized as they love it here so much the rotting couple never wish to leave this hopeless place anymore .


2. (Especially those who are around 25 - 28 and just want to begin pursue their Masters) Feel so desperate they tell just any men to be their boyfriend if these men can't find anyone . What The HELL is this ?!?!?! Where is DIGNITY , girls ??? This is NOT a case about ego or games , but NOT telling mEn things like this ~ ! This is getting worse and worse !!!

I went somewhere out of town with a bunch of girl friends a few months back . The to and fro journey which is suppose to be fun and girlie became ridiculously tiring and tensed . The same question was asked thirty times each to four girls including me - "What do you think of _____ ?" for every guy we know in the town . This sucks !!!

The problem here is NOT the girls , but this fucked up PLACE ! Women and ladies alike needs love , care , and affection ! It's just one of those ingredients to make a girl , a girl ! I am only here for A YEAR and i could stand this no more , how about those who has another two or three more years to go ?! *salutes* Let me take my joysticks pray you want ?

ANYWAY , my way to kick away these homeless forsaken feeling , is to celebrate !!! Celebrations ! Surprises ! Great Friends and Company ! FOOD !!!!!

What sorta food ? For WINTER ?!

OM YUM !!!

Its HOT , its SOUP , its SOUR !!!
fOO yOh !!!!! !!!!! The perfect remedy for the two exasperation above .

It was actually an impromptu thing ~ i only had my basic make up on when we made the decision to make it a tom yum party at my own house , but i thought i'd still do something girlie about the day itself . i was touching up my make up when Ain explores the use of my pink camera .

make up + cam whores + funky music + girlie room = love and friends !

Me & Ain

Enough of cam whoring . We went to cook tom yum and come back to realize this in my camera !

Khulbir having a pink moment of his own ~ hahaha !!!


Ain's Telur Bungkus !!!

Eric's non-halal Macaroni ! LOL !

Makan makan ~ ~

Peter turning AB-SO-LUTE-LY R.E.D having my tom yum ~

Our Group Picture of the Day ~ !

Jon , Alvin , me & Ain in da' KITCHEN !

A Scorpio & A Virgin . kekeke...

Vaseist & Jade Z. damn poser laa ...

Ok ok , here comes another ~ q:*

My X roomie , Irene & I ~

The X SUKMA swimmer champion with me leh ~ !

The Chronicles of Optimus Prime

Optimus is transforming thats why blur ...

My turn transforming thats why blur ...

Transformed into pouting robots ~ -.-"

Just look at that Alvin's face laa . Damn funny weh ~ LOL !

Then the guys acted macho !

Alvin a.k.a Optimus Prime , Khulbir a.k.a Cool Beer , Vaseist a.k.a Roger / MACHA ~!


*cHeeRs with Peter ; my *NEW* housie!*

Mak Yong -ers ~ LOL ...

kena rasuk ~

After eating , we sang to a PS2 game called "SINGSTAR" @ Eric's room !

Eric & Felix singing "Don't Cha" !!!!! !!!!! HAHAHAHA !!! Irene & I force them wan ~

Singstars : Party , Legends , Anthems !!!

Irene & Me ^^

Tipsy Pete & Me !

Ticklish la , Ding Head ! lol ~

I actually moved out from the Invermay suburb (the house which i used to stay with Irene , the old skin , & cibai yap) to 14th JELICO St. Mowbray !!!


i'm very happy now living in my *NEW* house with Eric and Pete who take good care of me.

Eric = Diet Plan SPOILER , Pete = My Personal Diet CONSULTANT . How contradict ! LOL ~

Lesson of the Day >>> It doesn't matter who you broke up with , who broke your heart , where your heart is broken , or why are you broken ; what's most important is to have great friends to accompany you through the good and bad times .

Am seriously having ANOTHER tom yum day soon .....