Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Smackeroo

A friend of mine who blogs on introduced this website to me which I think is pretty cool!

I usually DON'T play stuff like that as they require you to do lots of registering and filling up bunkum forms through the net where I can NEVER remember what username I used, or starring at the screen; stoned after your username is rejected for 3 or more times because its TAKEN. -___-"

However, this is different! I find it simple, fast, and fun. All you have to do is click on the "generate money" button, upload your picture as usual, and click finish! There are a few types of money currency you can choose from as well! From US to Iraq. *hahaha!!!*

Below is my US100 dollar note with me face in it! Nice ?

To show some semangat patriotic, I decided to try the Ringgit Malaysia version as well; after hesitating a few times... Cuz I know my lil' face will go on to that lil' frame under the Sultan's hat!, or whatever~it~is~. -.-"

& here is the Ringgit note, with my face in it of course.

Damn diao rite? No "CONTOH" sign on it some more~ hehehe!

Well, am having dinner while typing this. Cooked my fav good old tomato soup again, this time, with macaroni!

The truth is, I actually cooked this for lunch but ended up with the quantity for FOUR people, and since I MIGHT go down to Hobart tomorrow, I had to divide the amount into TWO and eat the sum for TWO people for each meal.

However, I added Oregano & CHEESE when I heat up the soup for dinner! It became SO cheesy the mozzarella can't stop cohering my teeth. LOL!

End of Entry.