Monday, July 9, 2007

Finally... "Dinner" !

Finally, here comes the post about "Dinner". Phewww~ Took so long, didn't I?

Blek! Sorry lorrr...

But before that, This was what I did :

Clubbing the night before my play was about to show the next day.

Guess I was pretty over-confident~ >.<

***Live Band @ Reality***

This band plays everywhere in clubs @ Launceston and they play all sort of music, except for R&B. =.=
Anyhow, we still had fun!

Clubbing @ Reality a night before "Dinner" is showing...

The cute boys~ lol!

Felix & I : We who made the most immediate RaNdOm decision to club before holidays !

That night when all my make up faded away ~ (:

Now. "
Dinner" Time !!!!!

Remember the table & chairs we painted & scratched? There they go~! : Into my set.

* The tech box *

Tia, my stage manager, organizing the lighting and sound cues.

A hand from no where trying to steal my
dompet from my bag.

Porcelain dolls hanging in chicken wire cages...

...which hangs above the theater.

Under the lightings...

I actually had a rainbow projected over the dolls in cages, but you can't really see them as this is under the "pre-show" light. But if you look closely enough, you'll see that the first and third cages are in yellowish-blue hue? Yup, that's The Rainbow!

One of the blind-folded dolls.

The red indian porcelain doll under the "special lights"~

The "Fish" Tank

Obviously, there are no FISH in the tank... Only weeds, crumbs, tissues, and any & every thing the theater students offer to throw in there~

Tia helping one of my actor, Emily, to put on the "doll-like" make up style using face paint.

Charles also had his on for Kai's show from Samuel Beckett. He even had eye liner on and shaved his head bald just for this show!

My hair
before "Dinner" 's premier...

...the "
After" for the Premiere~!!! *^o^*

Nice ?