Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Closing Ceremony

Below are comments surfacing from 3 blog entries (ONE by me & TWO by feathers). I was thrilled on how much a BIG deal could come out and so decided to compile everything to close this invisible war. I don't know this girl after all who blogged about me @ *sighz~

Comment Excerpts on "I miss blogging" / "whatever..."

1. Since you are such a BIG fan of Xiaxue, tell her not to blog about other people she don't know then. Oh by the way she only have One ang mo bf and in case you haven't realised, both Xiaxue and Dawn Yang have something in common.... They are Singaporeans too. =)

By fEatHeRs, at 12:15 PM

I know she has ONE angmoh bf & I of course know the two famous star bloggers are from S'pore. So? & since when do I have so many angmoh bfS? I never even dream of having one. I have angmoh boy friends but why does that bother you?????

2. Now i simply understand how a bimbo blog. I'm obviously her girlfriend which you claimed she doesn't have any. ... Anyway, first and foremost, your grammar sucks too! ...

By YuFFie, at 1:52 PM

Let me quote myself again clearly, everyone. This is here since the 1st day my entry on "The Whopee Hurrah" is born.

"I wouldn't care if I have any turkey shoot grammar mistakes as I am just squelching one's unchaste barbaric act"

What fEatHeRs said below is true.

"Anonymous, I agree with most of what you said but some of the people here actually can write in perfect english just that they couldn't be bothered or are too angry and emotional to check over what they wrote."

I was really not bothered to re-read or re-check what I wrote. All I thought of that time was to just do what I feel I should do for MY self. Plus, I didn't say that she doesn't have ANY girl friends, but MANY. Buta kah, dei tambi?

Yada, yada~ Same old people, different things to say, again & AGAIN. If I should have anything to say about this two, I guess I'm really childish then. A bit too obvious these are feather saints wannabe la k...

3. A betina (Female) .....with her (not it).

This is my fave

P/S Please mind your grammar and vocabulary and general knowledge especially when you want to argue a proper and coherent argument. This is where people can pick back on you, idiot.

By Brainy Bimbo, at 1:01 AM

When I blogged about this post, I never thought of using a "She" on "Her"? I thought "It" is use for birds? Idiot.

4. Well there is no surprise why you enjoy all my friends' company here cuz like you said, this is Malaysia's most PICTURESQUE blog and it is certainly not the most read one I can see. Or at least, not read by your friends who are nice enough to stand up for you.

By fEatHeRs, at 11:19 AM

I don't need my friends to act childish fighting over blogs and show it to the world.

It is hard to judge one's act whether it is childish or not. But I can see you are really very happy that you have friends to stand up for you.

Do you really think I won't have any if I wanted to have them when you keep calling me a "princess", "cam whore" or "God's Gift to Men"?

That is Your ostrich zone; You celebrating Your own pride with your party of friends. What is the big deal laaa~? aiyo...

Maturity is not measure by one's age, but experience. Even so, you are still 6 years elder than me, shouldn't you know better in seeing these things I'm starting to see?

5. God's gift to man?!!!?!
Either God is blind or God HATES man.

This is 1 gift I will DEFINITELY REJECT. MuAHAHahahahahahAHAHH

By EuGeNe, at 12:32 PM

That was her boyfriend's contribution... -.-"""

This one below from an anonymous brings a DIFFERENT perspective.

2) "this queer duck was exacerbated by my profile"
ex·ac·er·bate 1. to increase the severity, bitterness, or violence of (disease, ill feeling, etc.); aggravate.
2. to embitter the feelings of (a person); irritate; exasperate.
---> What are you talking about?

you read the definition, Brainy Bimbo. i think it should be pretty obvious she meant "this queer duck was exasperated/irritated by my profile"

although i think its normally used in sentences where there is a situation and someone exacerbated it.

like, there were two girls arguing and some other girls jumped in and exacerbated it.

i find it sort of amusing everyone here is picking on everyone else's grammar when it is clear that none of you have good grammar at all!

to be honest, i too think cindy is a little over the top and the entry on periods was more than a little strange. and the pee soup was just disgusting for lack of a better word.

however, feathers has a right to say whatever she wants to say on her blog. it was not a nice thing to do but everybody will always have an opinion about somebody whether you like it or not.

i have to admit a girl who thinks she's all that is just begging to be picked on.

cindy, you come off as someone who is arrogant, self-centered, ditzy and strange although that may not be true. if you choose to behave that way, you have to accept that people WILL talk about you. if you lash back, it just makes you look stupid and pathetic. dont give a shit what others think. you're not the only one who gets talked about. im sure you have a good life, you look like you do.

dont let these girls tell you otherwise, you are NOT ugly. judging from your pictures, you are actually quite pretty.

in fact, none of you are ugly. i dont know what all this namecalling back and forth is all about when it is clear that neither of you have any severe deformities.

yuffie, yiheng, francis & all you other people, i know you're standing up for your friend but you have to admit she started "it". not the other way round. it wasnt cindy who went "there was this girl on who is ohmygod i cant even begin"

and what joy do you get out of this anyway? i say leave the poor girl alone and get on with your lives.

By Anonymous, at 4:53 PM

Thanks for your sincere comments. I'm not a girl who can't take them; no one needs negative critics full of crap to change with, but reasonable positive critics. It's best not to say anything if one has nothing good to say, isn't it? (:

To anonymous,
nice comments:) Thanks. Sorry.

But, i really do derive fun being mean. I honestly admit that I AM MEAN and i love being one.

Anyways..U mean you have been following the trains of comments as well?

I bet you are pretty much entertained by it. So stop acting saint ya?

Ok, not targeting at you. Sian, cannot play liao.

April, when is our next battle? Notice when we quarrel on our blogs, everyone step out of our fights? hahaha..

By Brainy Bimbo, at 12:58 AM

Oh man, an english teacher came in and commented! Guess we need to brush up our english for sure. You take a look at how she blog on feathers and tell me who is the poor girl? Feathers started it, yes but who gave the worse insult? Who started posting pictures?

I see your stand being neutral but people who blog that way would definitely be 'talk' about one day!

By YuFFie, at 8:56 AM

Anonymous, I agree with most of what you said but some of the people here actually can write in perfect english just that they couldn't be bothered or are too angry and emotional to check over what they wrote.

The post I did on her is mean, I agree. If she stop at just putting in a comment on my side, I would have said sorry and she would have gotten my respect too but she showed the world what kind of person she is by doing that post on me.

I totally didn't expect my friends to come in and trash her like this. I guess her comment on my lack of female friends is just asking my friends to come out and shoot her down.

Ok, seems like fun is over. Thank you my friends for standing up for me and all the laughs you guys gave me. You guys rock~

Brainy Bimbo, when we quarrel whoever steps in get shot too and that's from both sides. Haha!! Who dare to try?

By fEatHeRs, at 10:53 AM

I don't see who in the world can respect people like this. Still dare to admit... *haHaHA!!!!!* Muka tembok benor~! -_____-

BrainyBimbo: no need to thank me or apologise. i never denied i wasnt "entertained". Your childish spats were amusing to say the least. neither was i acting like a "saint". i have no idea where you got that from.

yuffie: no need for the sarcasm. it wasnt very good. and whether or not you want to improve your grammar is certainly no concern of mine. anyway i dont see how feathers could be insulted by cindy's rant. because i read it and it made zero sense to me. calling someone bird as an insult is the funniest thing ive ever heard. its worse than my youngest sister being called a "baseball bat" by some 6 year old.

feathers: i understand your friends are standing up for you and i acknowledged it. feathers, i think out of everyone here. you are probably the only one worthy of respect.

jazzyme: umm, arent parrots a type of bird? lol. you meant turtledoves.

By Anonymous, at 3:25 PM

Alright. The style I write IS strange and very RANDOM. That is MY way of expressing what I feel. & this is MY blog after all. You can't expect an art student to write a blog about medicines.

Yes, anyone of you can have your own opinions on what you think of my blog, I welcome that. But just think twice first before leaving any bitchy comment(s) about where you bo song me, or LEAVE if you are not happy. (=

For me; hotpinkchili is just an online DIARY of MY self, rather than a commercialize blog.

I AM happy the way I am all along. Now, it's all fair enough. Any extras, do it OUT side my diary. Adios~!