Sunday, July 22, 2007

Girls Day Out !

We got crazy and went to Hobart city for only a day. Specially for the Saturday Salamanca Market.

Touching Dreams ~

On the way there, I saw scenes I dreamt of as a kid. I swear! I've seen these places before! Not 100% the same, but 90% similar? It's ALWAYS here, always HERE... & I AM here now!

Please DO take time to observe them. They speak! (to me, at least)
It's either deja vu or I'm reincarnated back to the 21st century. I, believe so.
I'm fucking SURE I had dreams which happened at places like this when I was a kid!

SO, Salamanca Market AGAIN. hahaha! Guess I need not say much this time; as I blogged about this place before and trust me, will again VERY SOON!!! You'll see... LOL~


*~* Jade & Irene *~*

#Ester, Li Boon, Christina, Me, Irene #

What I didn't get to do in my previous trips : To take a PICTURE with this PINK LADY !
fUyOh~~~!!! FINALLY!!!
Don't ask me why; I just wanted to.

Discovered my FAVORITE drink in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. - Hot Apple Juice with Cinnamon AND Ginger. (I didn't choose "OR")

Imagine that! HOT Apple Juice ! >.< heart Heart HEART !!! Anyone who come here MUST try, ok?

But keep in mind that : It's either you LOVE it (cinnamon lovers), or HATE it to death; you can't even smell it.

Haiyah, whatever it is, Life IS Short so just TRY lahhh~!

I call this bon bon. hehehe! Duno~ ^^

The statute man who painted himself gray also need to eat! hahahaha~
You actually have to PAY to take a picture WITH him, but like that pun boleh right? lol...

The man with soft bones. -Squeezing himself through a tennis racket.
Tak paham betul laa, orang-orang sekarang nii... ish!!! Ada-ada aje~!

So there goes my POSE with
the PINK car with a
sign !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!
It's like SO ME, ok?! *hahahahaha!*

As for dinner, we went to :

Choga -The Korean Restaurant

The Casino

for FREE drinks and using their toilet ...


Some white guys won lotsa $$$ and saw us taking picture thus, wanted to take some shots as well~ -_____-"

Well, that's basically how a day, gone just like that. I didn't mean to make this sound unhappy, but...

This longgg holiday of mine, all I did, was running away.

I can't stop, or I'll think.

I can't afford to think, cause I don't want to think about him;

as he'll never think of me !

Why then bother to think ?

But all I do before, during, and after running,

is thinking about nothing

but him.

Well, guess this song suits my mood best now :

Song lyrics | Way Back Into Love lyrics

It's the song on imeem at the tiny section on the sidebar in my bloggie - my FAV song right now. the lyrics! Hit me back if you like it too! (: