Saturday, July 21, 2007

Let's eat Eat EAT !!!

There's nothing I heart more than eating. I don't care if its about dining at a cafe, canteen, lunch wagon, restaurant, sandwich shop, snack bar, ice-cream parlor, fast-food outlet, coffee shop, fuyoh, I don't care, man~! All I want to do is MAKAN!

Especially those times during my PMS; all I ever feel like doing is eating, Eating, and more of EATING. I-just-can't-get-enough-of-it!!! Especialy those SWEET stuff!

This IS a Sin, and I should really NOT stop this.

The BAD NEWS or FACT is, I had put on 7 KGs in 7 months and that's NOT FUNNY!!!!!
The GOOD NEWS is that, I lost another 3 KGs in 3 weeks later on but I don't know how!!!!!
Perhaps that's a BAD NEWS then after all~ But...

I'm on my own dietary plan right now! Starting today; the First day, till 24th August 2007.

(MSA prom night is on the 25TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Breakfast: Cereal with milk + some prunes / raisins / dried apricot
Lunch: 2 apples + a glass of water
Dinner: 2 slices of bread + 1 dish of lean meat + 1 choice of vege
Tom Yum ayam soup + a few helaian of boiled spaghetti + 1 choice of vege

That's ALL .

The reason why I eat more for dinner instead of lunch though the other way round would be better is because it's winter and I get really cold and hungry when the night gets younger.
& I know I am the type of person who can't control my lust to rack that fridge or finish up those Tim Tams collections of mine.............................. *haih~*

You see, one of the ways to get fat during the holidays in LAUNCESTON (cuz this place too dead got nothing to do) is THIS :

eat !

Eat !!!

EAT lahhh, bangang !!!!!

Geram benor! Buat apa pun tak betul~ Makan je rasa syok... -______-"


The girls making cookies, mua ci, and wrapping wantans in the kitchen @ Ester & Christina's house.

* Irene's Crispy Oat Cookies Recipe *

The baked dough ready to be kept for the movie, "Cabin Fever" later on after dinner...


The marinated beef which looked like a pig's brain with chopped onions...

Sau Cheng's kung fu wantan trick~!

fulamak oiii~! So nice~! #^^#

*Du Jour~*

While waiting for the dish up, I flushed myself near the roasting logs in the electric chimney. It feels so good to feel the hot spell toasting your skin. I always wish that I'm a neat tea bag soaked and infused in a cup of brewing hot water whenever I am freezing out there in the cold... Winter feels worst when you are alone; trust me.

Well, back to business. Took some pictures of myself, of course.

~ me , coffee , & sand . ~

*** My new caramel hairdo's close up ***

*Dish UP!*

Dinner FINALLY served !!!

Speaking about dinner, this entry was actually not suppose to be due today as my sleepiness kicked in; but my eyes caught the attention of a bright blue blazing ad which went :

Looking for a place to DINE?
Eat at Flo's Diner

Diner Dash is actually an online game that is totally great for those of you who haven't get enough of holiday or playing games because you went traveling too much (like me! =.=).

Besides, it's for FREE !

Here are some screen shots from Diner Dash :

Hot Reviews ! :

Interesting? You can try playing it @ ? Plus, there are lots of other games there as well.

Alrighty, and so here I am, blogging instead of having my beauty sleep. A few people had asked why just now. Well, this is why. & I'm contented. Don't doubt me, as I never doubt myself.

I'm just joking~ LOL!