Monday, June 11, 2007

A Quirk's Penchant

A Quirk's Penchant

been thinking a lot lately. trying to logicalize what I've actually been doing. it's like the fear of almost choking on a honey lemon Strepsil you just pop into your mouth, or the pitch of white chalks scratching the blackboard back at high school. I'm afraid I'm way behind time.

always reminding people around me to stop, and look back on what they've done, I've stopped too long this time. It's hard to duck out from the fact though; that I'm living in this Lilliputian island. Everything plainly moves so slow and jarringly; making my life seems mopey and accumulating wintry forlorn.

I didn't know where to start.

honestly, I wonder if I'm afraid something might change too much yet I'm not actually ready for it, or that nothing would change at all despite the things I'd carefully conspire. a clear example would be :

instead of concocting and authoring my life into hair-raising chapters, I chose to search for a blog skin for five prolonged days; editing the bean sprout codes lookalike till today.

in the end, still not satisfied at and after all; which makes me question if being determine is really an honorable value, especially when one's interest is in something trivial like mine. sigh~

as flimsy as it seems to be, I did at least came out with a few unsaid truth of facts about dear auntie rose visits!

1. when auntie rose's visiting time is near, some women experience bowel problems. (maybe due to the contracting muscles of the collapsing uterus wall VS intestine contraction of digested food)

2. there is no difference placing the pad first before wearing your underwear OR wearing your underwear half way with your legs terkangkang (open wide wide) and THEN sticking the pad , cause if the top part is not secured properly, it will still flip up and stick to your pubic hair which; will involve some specialization stunt to be done...

3. most women still find it embarrassing to throw their wrapped up 'nasi lemak' into the bin outside the toilets even when they are in the ladies.

4. at some point, for some women, the thick red blood might change into oozing brown clot decorating the pad with a dot of one or two which sometimes when you use a 'maxi' or 'regular' one instead of 'slim', makes you feel like it's a bit of a waste.

5. I personally like to wear a XXS black hot pants which is almost like a panty's size to secure and mesh the pad towards my body so that nothing floods out to my pants or whatever I'm wearing. It's funny though; I still am never confident wearing white when the visit is dued.

how often do we talk about periods? (:

baffled about how I come to this, do I know for sure that the above is still an act of dodging from the 'real thing' I'm facing right now.

struck by a stupid cupid with a fiery arrow of craze fanaticsm and overenthusiasm; flowering a yearning itch in me, he makes me jump and bounce around like a crazy bunny with two pink ribbons on her ears waiting to be stroke by an eagle's wing.

wait. wait, and more to wait. playing a waiting game. I'm treading water like no one's business when I have loads of my own. how can one make waiting more beautiful? can someone tell me please?

I'm tire of cooling one's heels.