Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cinnamon Cognizance

Cinnamon Cognizance

Another entry which contributes to my procrastinating effort. Is this a disease for all bloggers or only me?! I'm now officially becoming a FULL TIME Blogger instead of a Full Time STUDENT! Gosh~ God forgive me!

So, what did I do the WHOLE day yesterday. The answer is, ...


*huah Huah HUAH~*

Painting what, you asked? Well, my SET for my PLAY; "Dinner".

Tia, Jess and I started our "mission" at 11 a.m and finished around... 4.30 p.m?

First, we went to a warehouse thingy selling all sorts of paints and stuff, and then to "Spotlight" to get some white face paint and a silky blood red tablecloth for "Dinner".

Reached uni and PAINT!!!!! chongggg arrrrr~~~~~

Damn fun but damn COLD, ok?! It's winter but we can only paint OUTside. Duh~ *>.<*

The chairs for the set :

Why the chairs have scratches!? :

Tia and Jess used their fingernails to make them, before Kai came in with the suggestion of using nail nails, as in... paku(s)? *hahaha!*
Well, I did suggest... but I think my message didn't get through.....?

O.k, the "beautiful" result, as many WOULD agree~ *HAHAHA!!!* Cacat, rite~?
What to do, it's MY idea for the play's concept. ka ka ka !

The place where artistry fabrication develops and opus genesis begins...!

This one below reminds me of the secret asylum I used to play at my ama's house!

Indoor sand castle-building spot where my cousin and I would drink prodigious amount of water to pee in the largest empty Milo tin we could find, and pluck ama's gleaming and virginal green onions to put them inside our piss to make "soup". Ama would soon find out our mischievous doings and chase us around the garden with her cane. LOL!!! Sorry, grandma! *miss those times...*

Anyway, while observing Tia and Jess filling their nails which; are either EXTRA long or EXTRA short with shack brown paint , I spot a PINK Bunny!!! A PINK BUNNY!!!!! hehehe...

But why the bunny looks so depress one... *winks while sweats* >.o"

The last piece was about painting the grey table black before the luxurious thick brown chocolaty coat smudges on it for us to make our gingerbread embellishment. I was too bored waiting for the black coat to dry, thus started to walk around and found this!!! :

Awww~ Peter (our head of theater school) printed out the pictures he took for us during the Salmon Muse Launch! Can you see me? ^^

Well, I can circle out my picture with a big red bold headed marker pen using some editing program thingies [cuz I don't have Photoshop! )=*] but I think you should do some work with you eyes~...


Ciao, guyz~ got to go Uni direct my actors... *ya right, Cindy~ DIRECT!*

Wish me luck!!! -.-"