Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Mellifluous Life of a Contemporary Princess

*~*The Mellifluous Life of a Contemporary Princess*~*

Well, it wasn't the EXACT day of Joss's birth date but his girlfriend, Sophie, made a SURPRISE party for her boyfriend! *awww~!*

Joss is a Gemini while Soph is a Scorpio. Let me tell you that female Scorpios can be VERY GOOD girlfriends. Guaranteed, and assured. Janji, they love you for sure lah~ So that means...


I want to tie a hot pink apron saying "I'm ALL Yours", mess myself up with flour and eggs, bun tie my hair as I won't have enough hands to wipe off the baby hairs as I cook a romantic candlelight dinner of my Chili Con Carne with dark chocolate and pasta just for HIM !!!!!

He won't be able to see what a mess I am when I'm doing all this. I will most probably, NO, I 100% WILL take a soothing bath with luxurious foam all over my body, make myself up, and slip into a sexy soft pastel floral print cocktail dress JUST FOR HIM !!!

Some waiting is necessary; since wasting time brings more appreciation, I shall dance around the rooftop under the crescent moon, as the gentle breeze makes my silky dress brushes against my legs, with my heels creating a tip tap symphony. It is still not 8, I shall sit on the chair with my elbows on the table, under my cheekbones; starring into the swaying flame of the lonely candle shining through the red wine glasses... Ahh~ so Romantic~! What time is it?!

Ah! I hear his clumsy keys, his handsome leather briefcase knocking on the door, the warm orange light lighting up the cosy living room of our apartment, he will then call out "Honey?, where are you?" to me !!! OMG !!!

I will feel SO-DAMN-IN-L.O.V.E OK~?!! Kiss me, hug me, hold me tight against your chest;
I can smell that Hugo Boss as my chin rest above his shoulders even with my heels on as I feel his sexy breath brushing at my ears giving me a tingle...

The next thing I feel will be his steady heartbeat beating from his crispy Prada dress shirt..... *>.<* Oh oH~ I'm going toooooo farrrrrr...!!! EHEM. OK, this entry actually starts here . On 16th May 2007, the theater students of UTAS went to Gunner Arms to give Joss a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! *=D *Gunner Arms*

The fireplace that really uses logs, woods, and fire! I've only see them with my mind in the Enid Blyton story books when I was younger.

While waiting for Joss to come in...

JOSSO !!! *^O^*

*~* Joss, the burfday boy & I!! *~*

*The LIVE BAND !!!*

I'm just posing... being a poser~ =.=

Singing a song for Joss~! *lol*

Dong Tong ChianGGG~~!!! @#$%^&* I CAN PLAY THE DRUMS!!!

Food Served !
1. Wedges with 2 Dips
2. Fried dim sims, po piahs, meatballs, tit bits, & all sorta OZ stuff + 4 Dips !
3. PiZZa !!!

The two C Classmates in Class; Charles & Cindy ~

~** Mi-Cha-El , Cin-D, X-10 **~ a.k.a Do Re Mi! OMG... So The-Poser~!!!

^^^ Charlie's Angels ! ^^^

Zen loves to be part of the picture of Me & Michael or Irene & Michael :

** Abby & I **

Charles, Heather, & Michael.

Now plus Aaron Superman, me, & Alyd ! But we can't see Charles, except for his fingers as my horns~ ^x^

Chriso Jacko & I !!! I think he looks a bit like J.T. LOL!!! >.<

The most leng cai guy in my class!!! ; *~Liam & I~* With a pizza, of course... HaHaHa!!!

Me in the Band!!!

& we're DANCIN' ...~!

* wOOt~! * Joss is having fun!!! ^^

The milk + liquor . Anyone know what's that called????? Pretty puh-lease..... I wanna know!!!!!

Me & the "What's-That-Called" ~

I looovvveee it !

The last songs by Chris & Travis. I swear, they are GREAT Performers! *two thumbs up~!*

Irene & I got home at about 11 p.m. Not very late, which is pretty good~! We bathed early, had some hot tea, cosed in our blanky(s), switched on some music and go online till the next morn... Awww~ Life is so beautiful, don't you reckon?

Well, at least Mine iS! For now~ LOL!

I really didn't know what to ask for more! ;Everyday is the same old brand new routine, but how can I ever forget to appreciate the chances for me to do what I do?

How much can a girl ask for when she has her Very OWN great life at Uni overseas to live, wonderful friends; accompanying her from good and bad, to events & parties, or just by carrying loads of dragged broken plastic bags with full groceries from the supermarket across the hills, go home, and just chit chat about everything under the sun over two mugs of tea with chocolate chip company, looking out of the window framing naked trees...

I love what I have now. I've been through bad times as well so far, but it's just fair enough, And I do still enjoy life.

I gave up a few people who loved me back home, but I knew what I did was right.

I'd loved someone new, he is not mine, but I'm kinda glad the way he like it this way; being friends, taking things slow and one at a time... Furthermore, friends are forever, lovers might not be. When one becomes your lover, you tend to expect more from them, which in the end finishes off with a bittersweet goodbye when they can't seem to reach our high expectations...

I miss mum & dad and my bro, but I believe I'm not born to this world to stay at home. I'm here to make a difference, to learn what's out there, to understand what's more to life, So... Here I am.

Grab and WELCOME me with open hands, peeps~!!! *=D