Monday, June 4, 2007

Salmon Muse Launch

"Salmon Muse" Launch !!!

Anyone recall my previous entry about the photo shoot? The one where I have to take off my jumper? Well, I promised to upload the picture here, & SO , Here it is :

I fucking told you it sucks!!!!! Isn't it?!?!?! *sobs sobs*
Luckily I'm not the only one... I presume most of us aren't THAT happy with it ; paying 25 bux for a picture taken by a reckless so-called "professional" photographer using a damn camera; so what?! I can do that too if I have THAT shitty gadget~! =.=

My smile is So the-Fake there, OK!? & Emma said that hers looked like a whore picture while Joss had to take off his shirt too, like I did. wtf...!


We used that picture which is changed to Black & White for all the Salmon Muse's publicity. (Salmon Muse is a Student Directed Festival [SDF] for the third year theater students @ UTAS). Well... it was O.K. ~ No comment anymore. =.=

And SO.

We have the Salmon Muse Launch as part of the festival's celebration! Almost all of the students wore costumes according to the theme : "Salmon & Fishermen". It was awesome!!! I didn't have anything special to wear as I'd even already brought limited clothes from Malaysia (THAT STUPID KEDEKUT MALAY MAN @ THE AIRPORT SAID ME BAG OVERWEIGHT?!!) & when people asked me what am I, I said, "alga" (cuz I wore a damn green dress). HAHAHA! q:*

Besides, unlike Malaysia; here we have free beer & various snacks (chips, nachos & dips, fruits & cheese, Tim Tams, Lamingtons, etc etc) for free! Below are some pictures from the launch.
P/S : I "dragged" Irene (my ARCHITECTURE roomie) to the launch too! *hieh hieh~*

It begins... :

1. The Bar

2. The stars @ "Pirates of the Caribbean 4our Launch" !!

3. The lecturers in ACT as FISHERMEN!!! Scripted by Rosey White.

*~* L to R : Rob (Voice for Radio lec), Cindy (me), Michael Edgar (Romance & Realism lec), Peter Hammond (Head of School) *~*

4. Emma, Rosey, & Colin performing a cute song ~! ^^

5. Travis with the piano & his "Baby One More Time" hit with Tash holding the mic...

6. Kristen doing the "Fishing Ticket Counter"...

7. Me trying to fish for a tic to win the Lucky Draw !!! *>.<*

8. Irene doing her
terbalik stunt!!! LOL!

9. My 2ND free light beer ~~

10. Alex, the cutie & cosy I ~

11. _ Emily, Tash, Tia, & I _

12. The aerobic man in WHITE~!!! kewl! HAHAHA...

13. ^^^ Pretty mE & Beautiful Emma ^^^

14. Rob's son!!! HE is BRILLIANT!!!!! I swear; I've NEVER seen SUCH a clever kid in my LIFE!!!

P/S: He is SO gonna be a GREAT actor one day, we'll wait(?) & see. *;)

15. Behind the Scenes : The Making Of :

Jade : I'm drunk, I want to kill myself !!!

Kyron : Noooooo !!!!!

Jade : Come & see, I kill you onot ?!!

Kyron : Kill me?!! MUAhaHAha~~~~! Let's see who kills who!?!

Cindy : UeKKK~! *
khong khiao kha!*

The 2 pirates want to curi my faux pearl necklace! LOL!

16. The "Grammy" Award for Worst Dressed goes to ...........


tu du Tu Du TU DU~!!! COLIN !!!!!

Isn't he sweet~? Cute Colin, *muaakkksss!* #^o^#

17. The prize for Lucky Draw :
A beautiful piece of painting which I adore &
(I seldom do to contemporary paintings; VERY seldom)

18. It all wrapped up Cinderella home with a Hollywood smiley snap ~

"Salmon Muse" is now showing till the 19th of June when MY show, "Dinner" is showing at the Annexe Theater!