Friday, June 8, 2007

Mi Hun Kueh

Mi Hun Kueh ~!!!

I went grocery shopping 2 days ago after I finished my Romance & Realism FINAL essay. As much as I used to shop at Coles, this time I went to Woolworths; which is a 'higher standard' supermarket compared to Coles. I find it quite true, as the veges and fruits there are SO MUCH fresher. For e.g, a tomato at Woolworths is twice the size of Cole's. This applies to how much greener the leafy veges are rather than yellow and with holes. -.-"

As a result, I spent $194.71 from 4 p.m sharp to 7 p.m sharp. 3 fucking hours of shopping at a supermarket!!! I didn't know HOW I did THAT~ but I did it.

I was personally quite shocked with the amount I spent if I convert it back to RM.
About...~ 585 ringgit? Just on GROCERIES! HOLY SHIT!!!!!
*arK!* I'm such a sore spendthrift! Please forgive me mum & dad...!

Hmm, BUT I have an EXPLANATION for that...!

My once exploding-like cabinet of canned food and whatever food there is in there got empty. REALLY!!! As in, left 3 tins of kernel corns and peas like that... How to survive worr...?

And... and... the fridge on my side is also empty without any veges left (vege is my staple food), nor an apple or satu biji grape... Got 4 eggs lah~ But... but... Cannot like that rite? Cholesterol marr!

Plus, I'd tahan for 2 weeks to go grocery restocking because of my play & that damn 2000 words essay! I finished off though with 2583 words~ & I've been longing for SO longgggg to cook my MI HUN KUEH (some sort of noodle in pieces) mummy taught me through the phone!!!

P/S: Thanks to Bb I get to finish my essay without getting an extension!!!
Bb saw my reckless nick on msn as if I were to die of time shortage and gave me a one hour call from about 6 - 7 a.m which startled me, thus woke me up. I was really cognizant and awaken by Bb's abouts and silly jokes. LOL!

Continued doing my essay from 7 a.m to 3 p.m, from 500 words to 2583,
(I can't believe I did it! With extra research too~ ) had a quick bath, pulled on a cap, rush to Uni without make-up, print it at 4.30, & got a call from Bb! & so we went to Bizy Bee for some sort of snacky dinner.

I'd almost gave up and in to fate that I was so stressed up and SLEEPY (X100!!!) few days ago (Cause : PMS. I have different PMS symptoms every month or two which; some new ones I'm not really aware of) and was struggling to open my eyes from 9 p.m to 6 a.m for 5 fucking early nightsss! I thought I got a kind of sickness or stuck into a wrong routine or something but my red dot dot visited me the next day. -.-" NO WONDER LAA~!!!

Anyway, MI HUN KUEH!!!

HERE, HERE IT IS, people!!!

Wait, I show you my grocery picture first !

See the 1ST picture Top-Left? *hahaha!* I bought like 3 tins of smoked oyster, 3 smoked mussels, 3 sardins. *KAKAKAKA!!!* I love smoked stuff~ Duno why...

That Bottom-Left picture over there, see those mushrooms? hehe! I'm cooking them tonight with Butter Sauce~!

-My 60 cm shopping list which shocked Irene & Bb.

This is my FIRST attempt of making mi hun kueh so...
OK. NO so here so there! It IS nice, ok?!

1. My flattened dough which looks like AUSTRALIA's benua!!! LOL!!! Look like onot? Faster say!!! >.<

2. A few more pieces of rolled up dough which; still looks better than Mr. Old Rolled-Up Skin's skin who is living in this house~!

3. Whole peeled potatoes, mum!!!
They are sweet~! I mean, cute!!! hehe... (I know!, my mum reads my blog too! Cool eh?)

4. Chicken stock & Vegetable Soup !

5. Mi Hun Kueh!!! Irene helped me tear them into pieces & she had fun!!!

6. The whole thing is coming up togetha'...

TA DA !!! !!! Looks as if Genie is coming out with the smoke ~!!! LOL !!!

-Close up !

-Show show sikit macam in magazine lah ~

Well, I made too much, a quantity for 4 people actually, could have offered them to Migid & Old Skin, but I've done that before with my pancakes, but I don't feel they appreciated that, even?

Never mind. Irene & I kept the dough in trays covered with clean damp clothes till dinner time.....

In a DIFFERENT Soup ! (The picture might not look very nice because of really BAD lighting in this house. P/S: Mind you, ventilation & sound proof system as well!!!) But Irene & I prefer the soup for dinner! + 5 Giant tomatoes I brought from Woolworths! lol~

Due to too much flour & dough yesterday, I had this for breakfast!


Meaning leh... the meat as burger ganti with lettuce lohh... LOL~

Nice ?

That was my Mi Hun Kueh story. Hope it amused you... hahaha!

I miss those times when I was 10... & my grandpa brought my cousins and I to the old mi hun kueh stall with tiny white and blue tiles on the floor just behind his apartment... We used to hold hand in hand, swinging and running... but grandpa never scolded us, but calmly took our little hands across the road.

While waiting, I would look acquisitively like an eager beaver at the lady making the dough using the obsolete noodle maker. My cousins would choose the kan lao or pan mee style, while I always choose the most traditional way it could be done. It's just so-m.e. lol~

Finishing up the QQ pieces, I would then hold up that red plastic bowl without its mismatching pair of green chopsticks and lick clean the M.S.G soup. Ahhh~... Satisfaction!!! *young young know how to find satisfaction in something simple liao*

Back home we skip and sing again...

*****The grown-up once mi hun kueh gang~!*****

I miss those times... How sepia it looks like now... It is as if I can hear the film strips moving as I run through my memories back when I visited KT (Kuala Terengganu) every time once a year; during CNY...

I miss my grandpa, and grandma. I lost both of them when I was about 15 and 18? I never really had a real chance to spend time with them as I live at Johor. But I do miss them dearly... & how wonderful would it be if I could see and hold their hands now that I'm more grown up and less of a faint hearted to pick up the treasures in front of my eyes...?