Monday, April 23, 2007

A Journey Into The Spiral

A Journey Into The Spiral

"Sounds intersting~ Performing Arts? What's that? What do U guys do in class? Do U have exams? How do the exams go? So what do U want to do when U graduate? Oh, so after this U'll be an artist? I should get your autograph first!"

Well, I always get that. One of the few who does, especially from Malaysia or any Asian countries. Especially when I'm the only Asian who is taking this course at UTAS so far. Not surprising that Asians come to me & ask what's this course like.

Performing Arts IS interesting, so much that people can't stop pondering about what's it all about especially when U mentioned "I'm getting a Bachelor in Contemporary Arts" instead of Law, Medicine, Architecture, Education, bla, yada, etc.

It's a course when U do a lot of acting, improvisations, play theater games, directing / producing plays, short films, script writing, make-up & photoshoot for stage, voice & movement, voice for radio, music & dance, light & sound, stage manage, working for production houses (TV), publicity & marketing, & searching your true innerself of who U are as an actor before being another person created by the script writer with a totally different character from yourself.

We DO have exams. We have essays to write just like U do for theory classes such as Classical Theater and Romance & Realism, but most of the time its in a performance form; U are given a scene with certain aspects U have to put in, create it, & perform it out for a group of audience to watch.

Basically, after U graduate, U work in TV / Radio stations, production houses, theater companies or make your own, do PR, & things like that. Normally, it's the skills U sell, not the PHD paper. You can be an actor, director, singer, dancer, host, presenter, journalist, DJ, U get the idea. I am sure I want to be all of those, & so yes, U should get my autograph first.

I'm just joking. I shouldn't when I know I should have confidence instead but there are reasons to bring that down.

The first idea I would give U is that the TV stations in Malaysia SUCKS. U have 2 RTM stations which is #TV1 & #TV2 where U have very rotten drama producing green gasses, TV3 where there are more stupid Malay shows like Majalah 3, Kisah Benar, Nona, Melodi or the big deal 1 hour news instead of 1/2, NTV7 which is O.K but still lame or trying-too-hard, 8TV better than TV7 but is also not "there" yet, & lastly the once bankrupted #9 where the Malay drama floods like no one's business. We have Astro which is a satelite thingy buying & showing all sorts of shows from all over the world that people install to avoid watching lame over-censored rubbish. Our own country does contributed to the statelite, but by having more lame channels like RIA. =.="

The second fact is that some bitchterize bastards & bitches once pulled my confidence down when I first entered high school by bullying & scaring the shit out of me till I had to switch school which made me a not so confident person in new environments till today. But I'm building "it" up, thinking back, saw how ugly & tiny they are now; migids! I swear I would drive a gigantic truck & run them down like small fucking dolls during Chinese New Year if taking lives off road is not a crime!

Coming back. To those who thought that doing Performing Arts means there're no work to be done, U are SO wrong!!! We have tonnsssss..... !

Below is a picture in the AV Room / Recording Studio where we do our Voice for Radio radio ads. (=

-Princess Anoushka struggling to figure out how to use the program for recording on iMac.

-Michael doing his recording.

P/S: I DID Mine! *;D

3 days ago, my housie; Airene & I went to the library from 11a.m. - 6p.m. (it closes at 6 on Fridays), went home for quick dinner, continued at Mc D from 8 - 12.30p.m. (it closes at 12.30 on Fridays), went back cold & wear-off, snoozed. Airene did her notes, studied them & researched about buildings for archi while I tidied, compressed, & make new notes from my research on being a Director at the library. FYI, the theater students from UTAS are doing a Student Directed Festival (SDF) where each student have to direct a play on their own. Ya ya~ Like I can direct. I can't even make a decision to either eat KFC or Mc Donalds~!

-Notes, NoteS, & more NOTESSS! Hope it helps...

-Pulled a cute cap on as there's no time to wash hair for the day~! *=X

-Stayed at Mc D till they were closing & see if U can still spot Airene's notes there! LOL...