Monday, April 23, 2007



The *NEW PINK Things:

1. Biotherm Aquasource Mask
2. Love Shape CD

3. Ring

-(All in a PINK box) sent by post from a secret admirer. *HAHaha.!.*

-Whiffer in a *NEW Pose!!!

Believe it or not, I just throw her there on a pillow to vaccum the floor & she posed by herself! AwWw, Whiffer~~ She follows the owner too much dy...!!! *haHaHA!!!!!* >.<

Went to city with Kyrom & bought a pair of new golden ballet shoes, opaque leggings, & ice-cream! Kyrom insisted on using my pink love hole file as the background~ *LOL*

-Large "Chocolicious" in a PINK cup! ; Ice Cream Milk Shake with White & Dark Chocolate Pieces~!!! Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

Lunch with Kyrom at NOODLE BOX!

Just nothing but a brief normal entry. Like it or hate it, it's still hERE & already thERE~