Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hobart CT

Hobart CT !!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe this myself. It has been 2 weeks since I hadn't blog!!!!! Well, my previous 2 entries are up there in between..., but they also come out like 2 weeks after the incidents. Please don't blame me, blame the lame connection!!! I used like 5 minutes to upload 1 bloody picture & a cam whore would definately have X1000, so here I am, after days & days of editing, uploading, & ARRANGING cuz each time a new pic pops up a post-in-progress about like 30 "enters" appear from no where & I have to delete them between each pictures. HOW C2PID OF THAT, BLOGSPOT~! Not funny!

Day 1

It all started on 4th April (4.4) 2007 which reminds me of my X class mate Ah Hong's birthday. He is 1 of my bestest friends but I didn't get to wish him happy birthday as the phone bill would turn out nuts! You can't just say happy birthday & hang up~ Or maybe you can, but well... You know what I mean~

So, back to main business, 5th of April is the 1ST day of our Easter Break!!! Basically, the next day! On the "last day" of class, Peter Hammond, our head of school, came in the theater carrying a BIG plastic bag. It's just a normal plastic bag, but inside..... there were..... EASTER EGGS!!!!! ChOcO cHoCo!! *=D He threw them around & we grabbed them. Well, maybe not "we", cuz I got none, so Zen gave me 1. Later in class, I got another, & before class ends, I got a PINK one from Peter!!! *=D

-Pink Eggie~

My Hobart friends came down from Hobart to Launnie to take me there as well. The 1ST one is Ken, & the other, I never met. His name is Edmund or ma tak or tak chai (Duck head, if I'm not mistaken, lol!) I actually met Ken at the airport the first time I came here. He was queueing up with his family infront of me & my dad at the check-in counter. I did wonder for a sec whether this guy is going to the same destination as I do. As usual, you just want more Asians to go to a Western country just so you know you are not alone for the first time. The time arrived when it came to my turn & I never see him again after that. When I reached the Melbourne airport, that's where Ee Sheng (a girl who came with me) & I bumped into him & he asked for our help to carry a carton of ciggie each cuz you'll have to pay I think $80 for each box if you bring more than 1. It looked kinda obvious to the custom there but I could see that couldn't-say-anything printed on the guard's face.

-Edmund Oh Edmund... ^^

I skipped out happily from class. A B-R-E-A-K! Finally~ Who doesn't want it, who can ever complain there is too much break.. The weather is perfect, beautiful~ The first thing that amused me the sec I step out from the Annexe theater is the sky spread widely throughout the whole grass field with the diamond sun.

-I smiled to myself & continued skipping.....

...Till I reached The Grand Chancellor, a 5 star hotel at Launnie. Well, they have 1 at Hobart too, which is bigger. Waited at the lobby to meet Ken & plan the day(s)...

-Grand Chancellor Hotel Lobby

-Tired me at the lobby after a lonnnggg looonggg day in class...~

We chit chatted for a while, met Edmund, taught them about starsigns, & then went home to pack & get ready for dinner at Me Wah!!! If you remember my previous entries starting from the 1ST day I come here, this restaurant had been mentioned timeSSS. Finally, I got to dine there...

-Me Wah Restaurant ; Aust Best Asian Restaurant 1999-2007.

-As usual, best shots are taken at places like thIs...

-...provided with free good lighting effect~! *lol*

-...& no need to Photoshop at all! *^o^*

As Ken & Ed continue talking to the friendly waiter from HK, I got bored as the conversation is in Canto, crawled my fingers into my big gold bag, & "stole" my PINK Sony Cam... I snapped, SnaPPeD, SNAPPED & there comes the conversation...
"li ko xiu cheh tai hou chi hou zhong yi ying xiong worr~" - SnApPp! Pause. lOOk.. up.., see him, bluRR.., "heh~", *blush*!!!
Oh no, even the waiter commented on my cam-whoreness. )= Edmund consoled me by saying there are many girls like that. (=

We had a very fine hearty meal & left the place satisfied. The next destination is Sea Port!!!
I've been staying at Lannie but never had chances to go around like that.. Lazy to explain the theory.

=Ships at Sea Port=

~ Nighty Sea gulls ~

-Sea Port Hotel / Resort Night View

-Ed & Ken

**Ken & I**

*Gelato Ice-Cream Bar*

*****Sea Port Hotel Lobby*****

Cindy: "I'm gonna put this in my blog & say it's my house at Tassie"
Ken: "Yea~ Everyone WOULD believe you"
Cindy: "What, I'm just joking! I know they won't!"
Ed: -No comments-

-Me at da' loBBy again!!! (Last shOt of the dae~, I swear! Tired shots won't look nice.)

Went to Salon Bar as it's Uni Night for the first time at Australia wearing what I am wearing above. Not cool~ But the music sucks (Live Band with a blonde Kelly Clarkson wannabe), bumped into Zen, Sarah, Rosey & Tash, had some drinks, ate wingdings, fell off the chair & hurt my ass, went home at about 3 a.m.
Ken promised to bring me to Isobar at Hobart!!! CluBBinG!!!!! *=D

Day 2

I was supposed to find the 2 guys at Chancellor at 10 a.m. then go to the bus station together but they were still asleep. Got up damn early & took the 3.30 bus. I was really very, very bored waiting for 1/2 a day so I loaded up pics above, made myself a bowl of hot pumpkin soup to warm my soul, check & re-check if I missed anything in my luggages, &... those "things" below...

-"The Chocolate Camera"... No, I'll have no camera then~! LOL!!!

Surprisingly, or maybe not, I met Rachael & Charles at the bus top going to Hobart too! Was so happy, don't know why. Just being me; am extra friendly when bumped into people I know at places we didn't plan to meet. Sat beside Rach, talked for a bit, iPoding non-stop while Charles took care of my bags. The 2 guys sat a few seats behind me I didn't know do what. Lol..

After sleeping in the bus for 3 hours, we finally reached!!! Ed's & my bladder almost burst by the time we reached the bus station (Btw, Ed is also a ScorpiO!!!). Ken had a ciggie & we headed to ChogA!!!!! ; a Korean restaurant they always go to. After hearing the name numerous times, I finally got to see what's the place actually like.

!!Choga Restaurant!!

The food here is eXtremeLy NiCe! But I didn't take pictures of them. I suppose I was too hungry I remembered only after I finished my food... *=X

Went back to the hostel at Christ College where the guys stay. Was too wear off I slept like a log straight away once I bathed & had heaps of Ken's M&Ms.

Ken: "So early sleep dy meh??"
Cindy: "mMmm.. hurh?... emrlK~!!"

Stoned the 2 guys. I don't know what I said, I fell onto the bed & snore off- *LOL*

-The view I see every 5 days from Christ College above.

P/S: The bright yellow thing on the right is the tallest building at Tasmania. -The Casino.

Day 3

A brand new energetic day! Ed introduced me to the girl who borrowed me Pantene hair conditioner ; "Senior" or Hooi Yin. We went to the city for lunch!

~Steve's Kebab House~

-Hooi Yin & I while waiting for the kebabsss...

-KeBAB shiBAB shiBAB~! ^^

Hooi Yin & I eat a lot! So we went to KFC opposite Kebab House for WICKED WINGS & chipS!!!! YuM yUm~~ Delicious, Juicy & Tender!!! You don't have that in M'sia, do you? *blek!* q:

Unfortunately, it's a Good Friday & most shops were closed except for Darell Lea so we tapao Wicked Wings for Ken as his lunch, had some walk, went home & hide in Ed's cosy blankey & watched "Barnyard" on his new wide monitor from eBay!!!!! haHaHA! It was SO F.U.N! *miss those times~*

Night time came effortlessly & it's time for dinner at another nice restaurant! ; Vina, where we had Vietnamese food! *so hApPy!* Ken introduced me to another 2 new friends, Alex & Alvin who dined with us + Hooi Yin.

-Vina & In

-In Vina..

The beautifully made Vietname popiah skin which looks absolutely translucent!!! Couldn't resist to not buy it though I'm full as hell even before dinner!

-Vietnamese Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice with Egg

After dinner, we went home to change, get ready, touch-up, etc etc... For what? For ISOBAR!!! *muahahaha*

-Me still with jacket on..

-Don't blame me for another shot, because.....

Apparently the guys were slower than me in getting ready~ HAHAHA! Only now that I know they do; those with holes wear earrings while those with none cut nails -Guys' preparation. Ooo~~ LOL!

-& so I had another shot,,,

-,,, & a "last" one before we go!!! *So eXcited!* Haven't club for monthsssss~


-The disco ball I told Alex I want for my room decoration... *=D

-1ST shot in Iso with the pretty pretty gurlZ!

-With the 3 lovely guys... Edmund, Alex, Me, & Ken.

~Me & Hooi Yin~ (Apparently my best girl friend from Hobart~)

-Polka-dOt Trend~ The girl who offered me Lip Gloss!

-Me & Zhen Yang ; The cutest guy I met so far at Tassie... LOL! Isn't he? *;p

-With the 2 very shy Korean girls who kept lOOKing when I dance... *kekeke!*

Had an awesome night! Just like walking on red-carpet~! *^^*

Day 4

Because Edmund got drunk & slept on his bed on a whole, I had to move my things to Alex's room. & he offered to take me to Salamanca market the next day, & the city which I didn't quite get to shop on Friday.

-On the way to Salamanca Market...

~*~ Delicacies Wonders Arts Colours Music People ~*~
P/S: Sorry, it spells Salamanca Market, if you happened to read Casamanca, you SHOULD go check your eyes! *=p

-From a higher ground view of the market...

-Aside from the park I used to go with Chris at Launceston, this is Hobart's park..

-Franklin Square which you'll pass by to the city...

C i T y !!!

-Shop shop & shopped till I got really thristy so Alex took me to a place to buy great fruit smoothies~!

-I shopped & spent 80 bux at Diva till it closed... *=S

-Accessories I love dearly from Diva... See the crown ring? ^^

-A pair of golden hearts earring I found which has the exact shape with my necklace!!! AaWww~ Founded!

-Alexsi & me at the bus stop @ Franklin Square~ B-)

& so home we go~ On the way, I managed to take a very nice scene (I thought)! I was panting & puffing the way up the slot to the hostel as we took a bus instead of cab, & seemed like all the effort was worthwhile! Money used for cab couldn't buy me what I could take using my own hands & camera! (=

-Violety Dusk Contrast in the Woods..~!

Reached home weared off. Lay on Alexsi's bed & lazed as he checked his laptop & blasted trance music like machine gun. lol~ Ken called a while later & informed the time & venue for dinner tonight! YaY!

*~* Shogun Restaurant *~*

-Menu on coke stand

Edmund: You! Sien ler like that, always dono how to order~ SienZ.
Alexsi: Ya la~ Niama! Always like that...
Ken: Hehehe... kolian~

Alvin: Eh~ Why me? I'm innocent, OK? How bout' Cindy? Ask her laa..
Ed, Alex, Ken: How to ask? See?!


Cindy: Huh? What happened? Eh eh, Alex, help me & Alvin take picture!

LOL! The above conversation is just for fun. None except for the character is real. (^x^)

-3 bottles of Orange mix Mango Schweppers! Very nice!! -kai siu by Alvin.

Menu of the Day:
1. Crystal QQ Prawns
2. Black Pepper Beef
3. Pak Choy with Mushrooms
4. Sizzling tou fu
5. Kong Po Chicken
6. Ma Po tou fu
7. Unlimited rice

We went clubbing again the 2ND night. They had to because of me. lol! Well, apparently another bunch of his friends who went to the casino yesterday were going to hit the clubs today instead. & so, here we are...~!

-The bigger disco ball I wanna steal!!! >.<

-Suddenly a bunny man jumped out !

~*~ The Group Picture ~*~

*The picture with the guys~!*

-Koreanize Muah~

-Edmund, Ken & "Klang"

-WhiSKy~~~! hehehe! ^o^

*~* Miss Gorgeous VS Mr. Unbelieavable *~*

-The Drunk Master... LOL!

-A Walabi in front of hostel... *hahaha!* It's hands are very cute when it hops, trust me.

Day 5

I had a choice to either follow Alex & Alvin to the Tahune Airwalk or stay at home & sleep all day then go to the casino at night. Well, I chose the first, but couldn't wake up the next day & slept till 3 p.m. when Alex came back at 4 & saw that his room is in total mess with my "ka chang" on his floor! *hahaha!* The fella damn the-shock~

Apparently, we didn't get to go to the casino because the guys were playing games till about 11 p.m & I got tired of waiting, touched-up my make-up, called a cab & went to Isobar for the 3rd time..!

-Once in a GREEN moon... it's alrite to club 3 nitez in a row..... *=p

-Please forgive me, the cab is too slow~

-My 1ST FOAM PARTY Eva'!!!

-This is CrAzEE~!!!

-...With the gays; they dare not even look at me, my God~! LOL!

-This fella is damn the blurr I tell U...

-She is drunken red~ kekeke...


-AwWw...~! #^x^#

-Da' fOaM on Ma' hEAd~~ blu blu PoP pOp PoP!

-The fella who loves foams~ He grabs all from anywhere & rub it on him. =.=

-SEE THE FOAMSSSSS?!?!?!?!!! HoLy cOw~!

-With the Vietnamese guyz~!

-He requested me to take a picture for him with this blondie but I wonder whats the point as he can never see it anyway~ LOL!

Day 6

Woke up quite early the next day to HIT the CiTy again! Had lunch at Sakura...

-Seafood Udon

-Spicy Salmon & Tofu Sushi!!! Very delicious!!!!!

-1 last shot for fun before leaving~


-Thirsty again!

-*NEW seXy back green tOp!

-Hobart City...

Below are the views you see from Christ College...!

I bought some stuff & dresses & showed them to Alex. Slept for a while, woke up & had dinner at Saigon again, this time with only Ken & Ed.


Ken: After this do what? Sien ler...

Ed: After this, pangsai.


Cindy: Eh, sien~ Funny ler U... I take picture better!

-PumpkinSSSSS in an organic shop!

-Cyndi Loves You!!! ^^

-Very random again... Hope its absurd...

-To the CASINO finally!!! Phew~

-Shouldn't you peeps pay to read this cuz it's actually illegal to take pics in the casino.. LOL!

-The last day I'm staying at Alexsi's room!

Day 7

-Home we go...~!

-On the way...

-The journey on the bus...

-My *NEW CinDyLiZeD iPod!

-Can U guess which cloud I wanna be??? *=)

I reached home at about 6, looking at Launceston again. Saw the difference, felt the differences... Not much, but neither the least. I started to miss the peeps at Hobart. They were so nice to me, at Launnie, well... not bad, but the thought of the migid really makes me sick. I don't know why it matters but it really does. Gave Airene the necklace I bought & was so glad she likes it!

"It's the only necklace I have here at Launceston!" said she.


Giving gifts to people is one of the favourite things I love to do in life... (=*