Monday, April 23, 2007

Food For Thought ?

Food For Thought ?

I don't know how to start, frankly. I've been taking so many pictures & felt as if I'm living for my blog ; taking pics everywhere I go FOR my BLOG but I didn't get to do so straight away & ended up like... now. Snaps of this & that everywhere figuring how to put them together into a story.

Anyway, this picture below is just a very, very random shot on my way to search for a bed stand & lace curtains for my room. A silly tiny car with a bulky lorry behind (both also white) to prove how small it is without colour as a manipulative. *haHaHA~!*

That was that. A few days ago, I was actually almost hospitalized. Nearly, very closely. Got a bad gastric, bloating & tsunami wind in my stomach. I was hoping to at least ended up hopefully burping more than farting but none of them happened. It's all inside me & my tubes. =.= I can hardly stand, sit, nor lie on my uneven surface bed. However, the best position I found was squating. I spent the day forcing myself to puke but all that ever came out was just... air~ But felt much more better everytime I did that, squat on the toilet floor next to the sink or behind the door in my room, starring into the blank space filled with things everywhere.

My eyes & mind was blank. The main feeling I recalled was that all the oxsigen in my body that was supposed to go my brain all went down to my tummy for a meeting or war with other gasses like CO2 or H2 which made me felt as if I can float like a ballon, burst & come down normal again. Never happened, of course.

Airene (U should have know her by now) asked me to a potluck organized by some of her S'porean friends. I promised her I will & offered to cook pasta which Chris taught (in previous entry), but I can hardly stand for more than 5 minutes & so I stayed at home onlining feeling like I'm waiting for death. Soon, Alvin came online, which cheers me up a lil' & made me start to believe that happy patients do recover faster. He is now call my Guardian Angel who is "never gone, just away sometimes..". *lol*

After suffering for 2 days while answering why don't I want to go to the clinic, (Launceston is too small, there are very few clinics where U have to make an appoinment & while waiting for your turn, that itself takes about 5days to a week & 1/2 of them are family doctors who don't want to take in new people!) I started to wish I can just faint so I don't have to think about cost & my housies take me to the hospital where I wake up lying on a REAL bed with nurses to take care of me. =) I tried not to cuz it'll cost me nuts but dad called numerous times per day & forced me to go to the hospital. In the end, I did not. Manage to save at least 70 bux, & spent only 15 OZ dollars on peppermint pills the pharmacist recommended. It's a natural kinda medication thing so it took me another few more days to actually recover.


These pills have a kind of special cover which will protect the peppermint oil from coming out during it's journey to the bowel (a part of your intenstine), so that it will only release the oil there to soothe it & the flow of digested food. Kinda help laa~~

The main reason I had gastric is not because I did not eat, but is because I ate too much in a way not proper. I had 1/2 a chicken, considering that that's 3 pieces of KFC & a glass of milk at 4 p.m. & then 1 whole lettuce, 1 packet of long beans, & bamboo shoots with egg & shrimps with some rice at around 7 / 8 p.m. FYI, in my house here, we have to stand & pose when eating, cuz there's no space for table & chairs as there's an ignorant migid sleeping at the kitchen.

It all happened with this. I went shopping at K-Mart & Coles & spent so much just at Coles for the 1ST time!!! 114.71 OZ dollars = ~RM300 !!! & mind you they are just groceries~! =.="


-Just because I long to go clubbin' at Maison back at KL but can't, I bought Maison home! *hahaha!!!*

-1/2 a BBQ Chicken I ate while arranging my "stocks" which caused me gastric~ =.= ""

-Some colourful people tend to try variety of stuffs...

-While some people just stick like sticker to the samE-Old-Damn-thinG~!

1 musSHhhroOOOMmss. 2 saUUucCEeeee. 3 HuPPp SenGGgGg. 4 paSSSttttaAAa.......... Fuckin' SIENZ!!! -_- """""

I tried cookin' pasta with dahl as suggested when I bought the peas. & this is the amount I useD to eat!

However, after the gastric, I really have to control the quantity of food I consume or I'll go nuts & die. & my sollution? Went to Chicken Feed & bought something very cheap but USEful & THOUGHTful!

-A 4-In-1 Plate!!!! This way, I only wash ONE freaking plate instead of FOUR, control the amount of food I eat, & being able to SEE what I actually eat! (if it's a balance diet or not!) Brilliant, eh? *;)

-My lunch bento! : Tikka masala beef, lettuce & telur mata kerbau! ^^

Now that was for lunch last Wednesday after Skills class. I bought a 2-in-1 can opener + bottle opener at Coles for like only 2 bux. Was very happy how cheap a 2 in 1 thing could cost me as I don't have to ask that bastard for help to open cans anymore, but for the 1ST trial, my baby shrimps in a can turned out like this. =.=

-Stirr fry lettuce with shrimps from "star cover can" & Chicken Soba Soup~ *=D

-Angel-hair Spaghetti with Smoked Oyster in France Sauce