Monday, April 23, 2007

The Pancake Story, Yetti !

The Pancake Story, Yetti !

Suddenly, out of no where I miss pancakes!!! Called my mum to ask her the recipe & she gave me two! ; The traditional one & American Hotcake (modern one) which will "grows"~ LOL!

Have been trying a few times & today is the nicest so far!!! I'm so happy~~~

1. The beta

2.1ST turning.. which lOOKs like a moon... *=s

3. 2ND turning.. like kuih apom... *=S

3. Made 7...

...because this (in the picture) has 7...

4. Decoration & Completion... And~ I WON!!!!! My 7s looks niceR than the serving suggestion's!!! *BLEK!*

5. The 1ST Trial Pancakes with blueberry, marmalade & honey... *hmmmzZz~*

6. The 1ST trial for Traditional Pancakes like the 1 in "Yetti Monster Pancake Story" I heard when I was 7 which made me LOVE pancakes till today!!!!!

Made 2 each for my housies... including the childish jerk who never appreciates~ *hMpH!*

YuMiLiCiOuS, eh? **^_^**