Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wishing For A Pot of Luck In The Well

Wishing For A Pot of Luck In The Well

So, I didn't get to go to the potluck by the Singaporeans because of the gastric but this time the Malaysians organized another~! Here is a "joke". I wish I can remember who told me this theory but I can't, so if "YOU" happen to read this & it's YOU, please tell me! *LOL!*

I've never been to a Potluck before & was once told by someone that Potluck is where everyone cooks something & brings it to one's house & then everybody mix ALL the food together in A pot & then eat the mixture which will bring good luck! I asked if that would taste weird but s/he said that all the food cooked taste nice so it would taste EVEN better! -____________________- "

Anyway, Airene & I cooked "Happy Pasta" / "Wei Xiao Pasta" (a name given by George; the only white guy at the M'sian potluck because I kept laughing after dinner & he thought it was caused by the pasta I cooked~ =.="), baked Oregano Bake Chicken (in the picture below where Chee Ping helped out), while Chee Ping & migid cooked potato chicken which only 1/5 was eaten. SWEAT!

-Airene & Chee Ping managing the Oregano Baked Chicken last minute... lol! Oven damn The hot weh~

-All ready to gO~!!! *^_^*

-A table laid for the Emperor~! *haHaHA!!!* So nice... reminds me of "Da Chang Jing" Korean Soap Drama! ^^

-~ My *NEW best friend a.k. a housie ; AiRene, & I ~

-I'm the KLCC BRIDGE! ; **In between Richard & Doug** (=

-Because of the migid Richard can't be in this picture & he acts cool here when everyone is so happy!

-We took the stand but this is MUCH better~!

-EVEN Betta~!!! Eventhough with the showing off of the potato chicken... =.=

-The 2ND *Leo + Scorpio Couple I know~! AwWw... ^^

*Casandra is the girl who taught us how to play "Ping Pang Waa~!" after the meal. haHaHA!!!

Overall, this is rated an A party without beer, kissing, stripping, or dirty dancing with blasting music on. q:*