Sunday, March 18, 2007

A TaLe of A Lonely 7/11 Cam Whore's TaiL...

A TaLe of A Lonely 7/11 Cam Whore's TaiL...

This is why I am call a CAM WHORE of the DAY & NIGHT, ANYwhere..!
Because I CAN cam whore FROM day TO night, ANYWHERE!!!

"Hmm... so sienz... what to do leh... Lost ear ring summore... )= Look up ceiling oso can't find." -___- ' '

"AArR! I know! Take pictureS!!"

"Smile la, Cindy... Smile laaa... Don't so sad lerrr..."

"Aihyer... so fake~! Smile biGGER ler... BIGger, BIGGER still!"

"OK. Got confidence dy. Let's go toilet. In case step onto ear ring leh? Aahh~! =D Pose 1! "

"Not sexy enough. L8r the lights sexier than you then you know. mOrE MoRe!!! Ok oK~... Against the wall, can?"

"Wah... sai mm sai so sexy Ooh~ Eh just now ask people sexy geh~?!" =.=

"Now try do kawaii 1 & see! Like Japan doll~ Haik~! Wakata!"

"Now do Next Tasmania Top Model...! OK BoSS!"

"The Friendster pose!"

" Imagine now for Loreal' hair colour ad.. Flash that shine, babe!"

"Blow kisses to the world. C'mmon la.. don't so kedekut!"

"Ok OK! Now near enuf??? MUUUAAKKSSS~~~~~!!!!!"

That's just me. Don't blame ME!!! I'm just a lonely girl inside her crib which is more like a shell talking to herself & her heart... )=*



q=* I kelian myself incase no one kelian me !