Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Gorge!!!

The Gorge!!!

Despite my earring that's LOST, the day when I FINALLY finished & handed up my essay with pride, & getting to bump into "my new interesting friend", Chris Tope, at Uni, the time has arrived for me to go to GORGE with Aaron & Kristen!!! *fUh~!* The long awaited day.....

This, is me (d-u-h) before heading off to Gorge. I finally found the chance to wear my yin with my bikini top & "Smarties" necklace!!! *^o0^*

This is the FIRST view you'll see once you reach there -1D. The mountain(s) & a very Bright Blue Swimming Pool in the middle~!!!

Then, you'll see a looongggg bridge on the other side..... & see that valley over there? hmm...
Don't go away~! We'll be right back, after this! *hahaha!*

& so, I crossed the bridge. I never thought I could make it, but I did; Yup, without the mess of crying, tearing, shouting, OR screaming. I nearly teared though... The walk was scary cause the bridge shakes a hell LOT, but the view in the MIDDLE of the bridge where it shakes the MOST was the NICEST. =.= No point. I couldn't take a picture or snap or I bet I'll fall into that lake over there with my camera & sunglasses & WE don't want THAT, do we?! Unless of course, you are jealous or hate me. q:

& so, I took a picture AFTER I crossED the freaky shaky bridge. Pointless. lol!

& this is for some people worst than me or old folks who couldn't walk or lazy bones. -Cable Car Ride. 10 dollars per trip across the mountains.

Our effort to walk was not wasted at all! See? The view is MUCH niceR here!!! -2D.
-I like this shot; looks like a resort place to me~! Especially with that hairy tree over there~

Going down furthur gives you -3D. hehehe...

We climbed highER to the Outlook route & this is what you see BelOw..... *ARHHH!!!* We are ABOVE the BRIDGE!!! I really can't believe how brave I was that day; SERIOUSLY!

* Kristen & I *

The oNLy flower I see throughout the whole trip. Maybe because it's autumn soon~ When other flowers were turning brown, this wild one sprouts proud!

Speaking about proud, we have ArroganT! - The PEACOCK! They cut of his tail but he still wants to proud. =.=

After some time, we see the 2ND one. I wonder if it's the same one... but Aaron said this looks like a "dead bird"! hahaha~ Sure enough! lOOk at his feet! *eWWW!*

The cafe' nearby.

The tree that actually makes me want to READ a BOOK!!!!!

The REAL Wishing Well... Not the 1 at my house's laundry room. *HAHAHA*
Well, this is green, while mine is violet... but if you put a coin & make a wish, stars will come out & your wish will come true! LOLX! This was Kristen's joke, & there she is in the middle of the coach-like well! Doesn't that remind you of Cinderella? A blonde girl, a wishing well, a coach, the woods, & Kristen actually mentioned the steps to make wish come true! lol~

O.K. So we DO have a REAL COACH!!! - Fairy Dell Stagecoach!
Aaron <-- This is the SUPERMAN I was talking about! & Me! ^^

But I think, Superman is turning into... SPIDERMAN todae!!!!! !!!!! Or perhaps... a robber?!!! *=O

Aww... for a good reason he is... To be a coach driver.
& there is Cinderella for the dae! hehe..

Kristen on a swing~! =D

Does this shot give you a feeling of... a lonely, abandoned playground of your childhood in you? (:
Sad, yet scary...

I LOVE this shOt! The sunlight, the trees, the forest, the STAGE! Imagine having a runaway dream wedding here! Ain't that mysteriously fairy tale-like? Ok~... maybe nOt.
I told Kristen that I might make a short film using Aaron's teddy bears having a wedding party here instead!
"YAY! A Teddy Bear Party!" =.=

A resting place with a bawang roof like mosque... dono why.

The other arrogant poser peacock! I don't know why but a PICTURE of bird(s) makes me wanna puke! *=S
Maybe it's the effect of the bird flu news... *YUCKS!*

Now now, this particular place where we yum char reminds me of SOMEONE. He brought me to a very nice dinner place back at Malaysia which; looks even more GRANDeur than this, but I just couldn't stop imagining if it's my turn to belanja this fella for dinner here...! *hmmz~*
kekeke... #^x^#

The drink I bought; Cadbury Crunchie'.
*yUm yUm!!!* Some untruthful blogger would say~ But I say, :
THEY SUCKS & makes you feel sicko~!
I couldn't finish the drink, brought it back home but threw it away in the end round midnight. Yikes~
*WASTE lim pek's $$$ !*

The nicEST shot I got from this TRIP!!! No? *;)
(If really no suak la, tiu lei~!)
HahAHA! JK JK! L8r manyak complain Ooo...!
At least Aaron said it's beautiful & he liked it~! q:*

Remember the valley??? This is the waterfall here...

2ND last shot of the trip to the left to the left.....

One LaSt shOt &..............
to the right to the right...
So different viewS, ain't they??? They are actually just totaLLy Opposite! *hmmmzz*

Cam whore Pic #1 in the middle of the field.

DA' GROUP PICTURE!!!!!! How can we NOT have this ONE!?!?!?!?! *=D

"Last" Cam whore Pic #2 of the day : -

THANKS AARON & KRISTEN !!! I've had the NICEST trip a Tasmania so FaR~!!!
P/S: Kristen, you gave me so many "1ST timeSSSSSS" !!!!!!!!!! (hahahaha!)
OK! Time to cOOk dinner!!! Before it gets d.a.r.k!!!
Home alone again tonight... )=