Saturday, March 10, 2007

The MagiCaL CinDyliZieD Make-Up SeT!

*~* The MagiCaL CinDyliZieD Make-Up SeT! *~*
Below are the tools & stuff needed for a CinDyliZieD make-up! It consists or 3 parts as you can see in the picture below.
  • Primer: The toner, moisturizer, eye creme' & pimple gel daily regime + the foundation, concealer & eye concealer, loose /dust powder
  • Secondary: Different colour eye shadowS & blusherS for different occasions
  • Tertiary: BRUSHES!, eye lash curlerS, eye linerS, mascaraS, combs, & mOre brushes!
Well, you wouldn't want to BE me, but this entry is just for those who is Interested to know a lil' of my life (what I love doing & do almost everyday), & also to those who own green eyes who; by then found topics to bitch about me afterwards; because I am too Cindy, put too much make-up, etc, etc. =.=

*** ~ BaBy StepS ~ ***
The D-U-H but MUST HAVE 3 Steps Daily Care Regime :
-1stly, wash your face with a good, mild cleansing soap to cleanse your face.
-Tone & Moisturize + pat eye gel.
-REMEMBER the Sun Block / Make-Up Base!
P/S: Mondays & Thursdays are my scrubbing + Mask dayz~!

2. The Foundation
I personally prefer to use Lancome on hot sunny days & EA on more cold & dry days.

Stila Creme' Blush & Eye Concealer.

Use either a damp sponge or your finger tips for a more natural finish to apply foundation.
Start from the middle of your face, stroke outward to the whole face a bit at a time.
Dab some eye concealer under the dark eye circles / eye bags using your ring finger (as shown below) because they are the weakest & won't over pull the most delicate area of your face.
Use a good brush (Body Shop brushes recommended though they are a bit more expansive) to cover your pimple scars.

The Flawless Complextion. -NUDE.

3. a) The Drama Queen Eyes

Today, I choose to use Revlon's Colour Stay 12 Hours 09 Sterling Rose.
Apply one or both midtones on lid & blend.
Use deepest shade to contour in crease.
Use lightest shade to highlight browbone.

3. b)
Use a liquid or kohl eye liner to draw a line along the eyes. Well, this requires some practice, so be patient.
I suggests you to use Kate's eyeliners, especially for beginners. They are quite cheap & come very handy.
Draw from the inner eye, then the end of eye, & lastly, connect the both in the middle so the line will not look so fake 1-liner.
P/S: DoN'T go too far to the sides or your eyes will look long & droppy! We are aiming for big, rOund eyes! @.@
I sometimes use liquid eyeliner instead of kohl & that means you need time to wait for the line to dry. So,...

3. c)

I draw my brows first. I always choose to use the 2 In 1 eyebrow liner so I don't have to buy an extra brush. Below is one from ZA which is more crayon like. Loreal's pencil like is not bad as well. (=

Draw from the arch of your brow to the end where it stops, then start from the front to the arch. By doing so helps give you a better view of the shape of your brows. Use your fingers to brush to blend, or you can even use you fingers to do so; which makes it look more natural rather than "tatooed".
I use both. lol~

Time for mascaraS! I used 3hree todae! Too free. =.=
The 1st one you see is KATE's water proof mascara in BK-1. This 1 helps divides each & every lashes. In other words, NATURAL.
The 2nd one is KATE's dollish long mascara in BK-1. It works as a normal mascara for normal days.
In the middle of 1 & 3.
The 3rd one is Maybelline's XXXL mascara in VERY BLACK. This REALLY gives Volume, but I don't suggest it for beginners though. Cause the tip is very fat & can be quite clumsy.
However, today I use the THREE of THEM.

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. I use two different sizes ones. Well, don't have to go into that~
Curl them for 30 secs, use Num 2 by normal application, then followed by Num 3 for MORE Dramatic effect, & lastly, Num 1 to divide them from the roots & also to apply the low lashes.
Curl again.
P/S: Remember to make sure that your curler is clean from any mascara residue each time before use or it'll mess up everything, everytime! It's always handy to have a tissue beside you in any make up sets!

1 2 3

4. The Red Carpet Lips
I bought this Hollywood for Lips & Cheeks thing from States by online shopping.
It has a hint of rosemary & a lil' Lovely Lace fragrant.

Thanks to it's unique brush application, it glides gently easily along your lips for that Hollywood smile!

The end result !!!

If you remember Yin & Yang from my previous entry, this is the Yin.....

.....Paired with my new PINK jacket from Pink Pussy Cat which; I can't belief I bought for hundred bux.....

.....& also my Sesame Street ak.a PINK Pom Pom boots!!!!!

Last but not least, this pic became the Primary Photo of ma' 5TH Friendster account!
Hehe...! *=D

My lunch before going out to Uni to hand up Chakra Outline...

Man, this is ONE LOoOnGgg BANANA!

Last Cam Whore Pic of The Day!

(Ya RiGhT~!)

=.= "