Saturday, March 10, 2007


Specially dedicated to my beloved juniors who will furthur their degree at University of Tasmania... (2)
Hello again everyone!
Below is my university at Australia. UTAS: University of Tasmania ; Inveresk Campus! ^^

The Annexe : Theater & Studios, which; includes the costume & prop rooms, changing room, toilets, pianos, work of arts, etc, etc... =)

Gigantic Mc D fries!!! OMG~! Poking the ground of my Uni!!! Take it down to my plate!!!!!
HAHAHA! They actually spend a LOT on this, ok?! =.=

Blue Cafe' just oopposite the Uni! Flash your student ID card & get discounts on take-aways pastas & pizzas!
The place which sells the cheapest great coffee in town! Too bad I get drunk on coffee... *=(

School of Visual & Performing Arts!!!!! *=D

Where sculptures are formed & given life.....

The kerja tenun-menenun place... lolx!

We have these big heavy metalic engines above the ceilings of uni! I wonder what are they for until today~

Museum of Objects. LoOonG corridorrr..... Nt an easy shot 2 take, ya know! Cause I m definately NOT a big fan of heights & I m standing on THAT gigantic machinary thingy! -.-"

Now this is art, man! My Gosh~ WHo are theSe people?!

Yea.. another one... They look ugly yet beautiful, no? *hmmz*

I love this piece of art work!!!!! i pu neh! *^^*
"Where's that hole?! OMG! There's The Hole! See that hole? Still so small?!?! OMG! How long more must we walk!?!? Look down look down. (to her herself) Bigger hole bigger hole bigger hole..."
HAHAHAHA! On the way back & forth to Uni. Can you see the hole? (:
The bigger it looks like, the nearer we are to home! & that was my fixed ritual dialogue with my housemates.
A nice picture, but definately NOT a nice walk to walk EVERYDAY~!

Aurora Stadium next to Uni's wide grass field where horse racing goes on! Any1 interested? I buy ticket we go watch bergether-gether! lolx!

Cam whoring at the field in public!!! OMG! I was stalked again, seriously! Got caught red-handed cam whoring. =.=
Btw, can U see 2 stars? hehe!!

The tics info... Boringggg!

This is a lil' weird. The Women's in the somewhere at the field. For gents don't have, k? HAHAHA!
U know where their's is...

My FAVOURITE TREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I alwayz wantED to BE a tree. )=*

The fruits it bears.......... (=

In a pondok at a park. U know, I love this kinda thing~ The image of a small hut in da' greens?
Yea, it's good. hahahaX!


The Salvation Army : SALVOS stores - A place to get really cheap good stuff. Can any of U spot a huge easter bunny there? It's only for 15 bux!!! >.<>

Furniture corner. Cheap, a bit old, but can use lah~ lol!

For those who are coming here to study & wants a car, here is one of the place nearest to Uni. Tell me if U need help. I'll TMB = Try My Best. lol!

Remember my tomato relish chicken? Here is where I get the 100% homemade Tasmanian tomato relish sauce & blackberry jam! It's EXTRA TASTY!!! *hungry again~!*

Yup, it's C-H-E-A-P! Hahaha! The blackboard signs written with chalk makes me really happy. Don't question why! kekekeke.... *=p

Lastly, the DIFFerence between the Shell petrol station at the States & Aussie. HAHAHA! So PeoPLe!, Study at Australia! @.@

My house route: Cluden PL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Now THIS feels irony ; to those of you who sent / will be sending things to me, cause here is where it'll come!!! *=D

YOU! lol~ Meaningless...
-@t the route in front of my house ; Cluden PL-

This is also a DAMN funny 1! See this alien? It's our "Wang Xing Ling" a.k.a. Happy Meal toy a.k.a guardian of our garden & house.
At night she sings;*breathes* ehem~ "弯弯月光下蒲公英在歌唱....."
Yue Guang by Cyndi Wang Xing Ling.