Sunday, March 11, 2007

yEE hAA~! Road Trip to Town!

yEE hAA~! Road Trip to Town!

Specially dedicated to my beloved juniors who will furthur their degree at University of Tasmania... (1)

Isn't this 1 nice shot? It's made up & composed of 4 pics at A time ON the spot! The real walk from left to right to K-Mart is 15 minutes & there U go! A 15 minutes walk captured in a picture shown on net. My, my~ Technology.

A day before Autumn. Look at the clouds! My Goodness~! It's seriously one big, HEAVY, thick cloud indeed!

You might one to lOOk more closely at this picture & tell me what's wrong with it. Nothing? It's actually bengkok!!! Like menara piza! GeeZ~! & people actually still live in theRe~ Plus, see that FLAT TREE over there; sticking on it? It's seriously f-l-a-t as if another block of house smashed it towards "bengkok". Just like how Tom made Jerry flat in the cartoon; if that can help your imaginations. HahaX!

These are the flowers during summer. Well, I'll have 4 same but different pics by the end of this year; just for comparisons of how ugly can FLOWERs be & that reminds me of so can HUMAN! A tighter skin-care regime shall be done! Especially during seasons change.

A PARTY SHOP that compromises you a 100% great party~!!! *fewit* lOOks colourful in theRe alrite~..

Student's HEAVEN!, says Charles. Here, is where we grab our lunches!!! Cheap, fast & DeLiCiOuS! Pass by Bizy Bee ANYtime & you smell all the ab-so-lute-ly luxurious meals U can ever think of! I wish I can put the smell in here for you... but I don't think so~ Haha!

Well, I was actually pulling your legs. They actually sell 100% Tasmanian food! Above is a list of pies they sell. & about the smell part, they really DO smell gOOd!

Yea, I know... The same backsideS. Haha! I was 2 busy taking pictures back there~ Well, this is 1 big Chinese Restaurant (D-U-H) here at Tas! But 1 plate of NORMAL PLAIN fried rice costs you 10 to 12 dollars = RM27. Holy shit~! But I was just told, never wanna tried. I bought peeled prawns & crab meats in cans & I'm gonna make myself one damn good plate of yuMMy fried rice maself, man!

THIS IS WHERE I STAYED BEFORE I FOUND MY HOUSE!!! TAMAR BACKPACKERS!!!!! Okayz... So it's not THAT bad after all~ But it's 1 of the most expansive backpackers here & I just HATE things unsettled down! Imagine yourself reaching from the airport at a new country (island, actually!) alone after a long flight,you are jet-lagged, you know no one, you trust no one, have no one to help, & you carry 3 bloody heavy luggages including whole loads of cash, lappy, DVD cam, chargerS, ALL BY YOURSELF & you actually share 1 room with 7 other people + you can't lock your room! wtf~ Sorry, recalling those days annoys me! But it's a good experience; & I actually found my helpful housemates there. (=

The Bus Stop just across the road of the backpackers. We used to wait here everyday; not anymore! Hurray~! And.....

Check out the seats when you wait for the bus! You can't really sit on them except for the chair-likes, & the HOT SUN is shining there; awaiting to spead it's harmful UVs. -.-""

The bus I always take. I'm so tired of walking for 1/2 an hour everytime to the city. & imagine after you shopped & carrying those stuff with you- another 1/2 an hour? I don't think sO! *hmph*

Alas~ The bus stop at the city is MUCH better. But we don't get to sit & wait here. You only COME DOWN here.

Yea.. that's my bank; just opposite the bus stop. Did I just say MY bank? Haha! Ops, soRRy! I mean, where we open our accounts. It's a lazy bank, though. I wouldn't want it. LOL! It opens only till 4 p.m everyday & doesn't even work 1/2 day for Sats & Suns. & on Fris, it closes at 1 p.m. I would rather work IN there. kakaka... & yea, that's my friend. Don't blame him; he actually didn't mind being photographed. & that pose, if I'm not mistaken, was meant to say "hi"! hahahax!

Launceston Post Office. I might have to collect my camera here... Then, I'll have a chance to enter this. Now, how GranD is THAT?! M'sia's sucks. There's another city tower clock attached to it.....

Yup~ There you go!

Can you believe this?! This is Launceston's TALLEST building! -.-"" I think the clock is tallER~! Btw, Mver is something like a mall. (: Well, you know what's that smile for... HAHAHA! q:

One of the sculptures in windows on buildings at Launceston's city. Work of art, they call it. *hmmz* No comment.

The city church. I'm not sure if it's the only one here... but I don't think so. & I hope not! Cause that would mean how small Launceston is! kekeke...

A picture of 1 of da' main roads at the city. I tried 2 capture as far as I could; long road, eh? Frankly, we walked longer. Alright~, enough of the road trip! Back to h.o.m.e sweet h.o.m.e .....