Monday, March 19, 2007

Face It Or Just Slap Your Own Face !

Face It Or Just Slap Your Own Face !
Common people, let's face it! No matter who you are; how ugly you are, how beautiful you are, whether you are poor or rich, there's one thing that still matters. -LOOKS!

Please don't come and tell me "looks doesn't matter", O.K! That is just LAME!

I understand how we use to see tall handsome guys with short unwanted 2B pencils we throw away in school figure girlfriends, modelic sand clock figure ladies with drawf-like bald head men driving a SLK, or any weird unmatching couples everywhere. But ask yourself inside, if you have a choice to choose and a pretty girl comes to you, will you say NO??? Don't pretend dy la; jia zhen jing bullshit about the inner Inner INNER self of a girl,
give you a pig, you want???!

Stop being chicken and face it laa. You guys who come to know me, be "friends" with me, say you like me, "I love you (S)", why do you think you will like me at the 1ST place? Is it because of my character? Or is it because of my make-up & fashion sense? Girls, I'm NOT trying to be proud or arrogant here. But seriously, to all you males who know me, WHAT IS IT THAT MAKE YOU GET INTERESTED IN ME?

Alright, you can say my characteristic and my personality shines also what. But would you get hooked up with my CHARACTERISTICS if I am fat or distorted????? If I get blind or loose a finger one day, do you think you will still even be my F.R.I.E.N.D? I think I'll be forgotten and then got lost forever after the news of how kesian I became handicap was spread. Alright, say "DUH~" & your "of course I won't(S)", but what I mean here is that you won't offer me rides to cinemas or to sushi meals anymore, would you? Face it, people.

I had boyfriends and I think they all went for my looks; at LEAST 50%. & that's the minimum, OK. I admit that it's hard to disengage a pyhsical draw of attraction from a Scorpio (whether you are a male or female, trust me, you Stand Out alone), but it's sad to know that almost 1/2 of the percentage is about the looks. I self-proclaimly call myself a Princess and I'm not ashame to do so cuz I'd listed out the qualities I have to be given such status before simply proclaiming anything to public, whereas I see many girls nowadays does so as well, making the standard of the word "Princess" from royal to meaningless, rather than knowing what a Princess means. I personally inheritate that word from my real name's history so don't comment. Please note that I am NOT saying that there are many ugly girls out there are polluting the word by sticking it to themselves; unless of course you feel that I am saying this to you.

I acknowlege my beauty AND my flaws. I admit I am not all ga-ga beautiful. I'm human too; gone through bad hair days, bad skin days, those days where period stains my dress, Occasionally I have hiccups, I burp, I fart, I dig my nose, the list goes on and on! Common people, FACE IT K? We are all HUMAN & I KNOW YOU GUYS DO ALL THAT TOO !!! So I Princess-ed myself but so what?! I am human too, so please at least try to like me for who I am! Though I might say minus my beauty, my beauty level may only be 30% but who gives a damn, man!

I'm used to be hated anyway by those girls who thinks they are so pretty just because they got one or two red rose(s) during Valentine's Day from cheap peralihan ah bengS who wear slippers instead of white school sneakers at high school. I've been bullied before & I WAS a MOUSE; got pushed down the slope with my text book everywhere, got my pleated hair teased just because they have nothing else to complain about, established a club call BTC (Bantah Tey Cindy) which actually lasted for a year, make stories that my mum does my homeworks and I had to meet the Principal & mind you I was already 13 and my boobs haven't even grow yet! I don't see what is there to be jealous about, as they get their haidS at a bloody young age round 11, except maybe for my so called da lu mei hair or my Mickey brand specs. I confessed I received ten times all their flowers, cards, and even got cakes and I admire the ah bengs vision to see which girl who hasn't even undergo puberty will turn out to be the most outstanding one. & why did I say I was a mouse? I switched school BECAUSE OF THEM BIATCHES~!!! Thinking back I knew I was stupid. If I have a chance now I would be a sum up of 10 bitches and slap their faces in a row!

I have 5 Friendster accounts and it's not surprising to get my "Who Viewed Me" flooding. & so one common day, this girl viewed me. & my, My! She viewed me almost everyday I have to delete her from my contact list!!! =.= FYI, she is one of the xiao huaS of my town. We have only 4 BIG huaS & I don't think whether I have to tell you whether I am one of them, as I don't want to make this an entry perasan. Whilst she views me, I viewed her back & My Goodness I see all those BIG FARKIN' BULLY BITCHES in her pictureS!!!!! After all these years I FINALLY see what they had become. They look so UGLY I FEEL LIKE DRAWING THEIR FACES TO REPAIR THEM! They don't even own the RIGHT to be jealous at my face when I am shitting cuz even then I'm sure I still look better!

The "Grand" Group Picture of Big Bullies. -I purposely choose this picture as not everyone in there were. Understand that yourself.
Don't hate me & think that I am actually the same as them though I do wish they got run down by huge gigantic lorries now but a Scorpio IS revengeful & Never Forgets! I wouldn't bitch about them here if they never did what they did to me! LIFE IS NOT FAIR OR THE WORLD WON'T NEED LAWYERS, & THAT MEANS JUSTICE CAN BE SEARCH BY YOURSELF! You wouldn't know how much they turn my life around which; is actually better so maybe I should thank them. This is why.
I found my very own BESTEST guy friends in the Whole Wide World from the next school I can even kiss them for friendship's sake.

Chok Yi, Me, Patrick, Seng + missing Hong, Kang Wee, Teck Hui.

The next batch I couldn't kiss but love dearly.
Heng, Me, this sleepy head duno who, Loong, & a few absences from this pic...

After switching schools, I realized there ARE girls who like me as friends. It is a smaller school though...

BUT in the end, I ALSO ended up like THIS : =.=
P/S: Hong is the guy sitting on the 1ST row in the MIDDLE. *hahaha*


or THIS...

OR T.H.I.S !!!

Well, don't say I am showing my ass off, as about the school thing, it is because I was the only Chinese girl who managed to enter Science stream. And I DO have girl friends!!! It's just that they were in Accounting or Econ class whereas in the previous school, about 70% of the guys and girls studied Science & they live their lives competing for two bloody years.

THESE are my best / good GIRL friends in my life:

Sheau Torng who is my #1 BEST friend / Cousin.

My BEST friend EVER, Eri!!! *mmmUaKksss~!*

RUBY, Eri (again~! Oi, Y u keep appear 1? hahaha! q; ), me & KELLY!!! *sob sob* Miss them so much... )=

My *NEW* Best friend / housie; Ai Rene...
(See? I found a GIRL friend after I come to Tasmania!)

My X classmates in SyUC's Diploma in Performing Arts course :
Me, Ain (will see U soon!), Helen (I miss U, Auntie!!!), Joy (my "sister"...). (= *school-sick now*

& the successful play we acted in... "3 Fat Virgins Unassembled" !!!

This is again random but I also get not least bullies since I was in kindergarten. & I found a picture of me when I was about that age!

The point of saying all this is this. Since everyone is looking for beauty in the opposite sex and everyone I refered to as far as I know are HUMAN, I am too, HUMAN & I ALSO love BEAUTY. Fair??? I just told my first ever once for real boyfriend about how much a Scorpio I am (as usual) but I think I am slowly turning into a Libra. My housie agreed to that too. I'm starting to get these hard-to-make-decision sydromes and obessed with the one and only word; B.E.A.U.T.Y.

This is the latest picture of my X emoing in it. I almost photoshop it (for BEAUTY's sake) though it's a talking picture itself but I think I should help him keep his copyright. *lolx*
P/S: (ONLY for Ruby & Eri! Or JOY if you're reading~!!!) Do U think this pic he looks like Mark Teh? *haHaHA!* My batch ppl all thought that he does ler..! My couz said like a HK actor always act charm charm punya role 1... WHAT'S THE NAME DY?!?! ALWAYS 4GOT! =.=

So, say I am childish, say I am immature, tell me I haven't see the world or that I don't know what is love, but I BELIEVE there is someone who is BEAUTIFUL AND wonderful INSIDE. THIS, is what I BELIEVE. So don't come to "befriend" me if YOUR REAL OBJECTIVE IS TO WOO me IF you are not handsome because I am like you too and I only want to be with good-looking people. I love being friends with EVERYONE and ANYONE but NOT as a boyfriends. If you don't have the guts and confidence to approach me, then you're NOT The One. You can hate me for being VAIN here but I think the problem with anyone who does here are those who just didn't want to FACE IT! If this doesn't help you, why do you think Shakespeares's Sonnet 18, George Gordon/Lord Byron's She Walks in Beauty or Mrs Grace Dalrymple Elliot 1778 painting focuses on the beauty of a woman OUTside? Did they EVER mention the INNER beauty of a woman in their poems or paintings? NAH~!!! *pui~!*

FYI, I'm single right now but not available. I don't want to find love as I believe love will find me.
There IS a Prince Charming out there and I BELIEVE there is SOMEONE for EVERYone in this world. And trust me, it's not hard to find someone beautiful, cuz once you love a man, everything you see in him is beautiful. Now, THAT is beautiful~ (keep in mind the real meaning of beautiful = looks, must still be there anyway).
Don't believe me? Here is a random picture of a BEAUTIFUL couple I found in Friendster.

Sad, but true.

I guess I'll just keep on hoping~