Monday, March 19, 2007

Home Alone : Berry Day !

Home Alone : Berry Day !

It's one of those days when nothing went right. It might be that, or my PMS; as I kept on craving for chocolates & sweet stuff. Finished three packets of cookies in less than a week, making crumbs vigorously on my 4OURTH packet of classic Shortbread Cream biscuits while typing this with one hand, & apparently aunty rose is not knocking at my door yet. In my mind now is fiLLed with Tim Tam chocolate biscuits in the fridge instead of the delicious rich vanilla cream filled biscuits my mouth is savouring . What a sin~

Since nothing went right, it seemed like the day for me to sooth my soul & make myself feel better cuz I'm pretty sure no one can has arrived. Especially when it's on these PMS periods; I'd rather not see anyone or I'll see myself poking sticks into their nostrils when listening to anything they were saying that seems to not make sense AT ALL.

I don't really know when are my PMSes. I'm quite different from other girls; my PMSes moods change all the time. Meaning, every month I have a different PMS mode. e.g, January's I get piss easily, Feb's I get hungry 24/7, March's I have cramps, April be sleepy the whole day, & so on so on. At times they repeats/comes back again or at times have a mixture of 2 or 3 which; is like now = Craving for sweet stuff & man cang!!!!! *URRGHHH* Want to beat someone's eyes out! You might say I am pulling your legs but the truth is, I learnt this from the cramps as they only come 2 or 3 times a year. *Pantang! CHOI!!!*


& so after few temptations lullabying myself to sleep I got out from the stupid icy cold bed & claimed it's "BERRY Day". I made myself a mug of Lipton's Herbal Infusions's CranBERRY, RaspBERRY & StrawBERRY flavour to enjoy with my new delicacy.....

That was in the morning & I finished the whole big packet in a day. KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really shouldN'T be doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Later in the noon, I wanted to cook sardin and pak choy to eat with steamed rice but this is what my damn sardin can turn out to be.

If you are so blind to see what's wrong with it, it's because the handle to pull it open broke. =.=
I was so strong to break it rather than open it, seriously. I knew why & you don't have to know here.
The can opener belongs to one of my housies & since I didn't know where he kept it, I changed my menu.
Fried Eggs with Bombay Onions and Pak Choy with Garlic. At least there's something with protein. But I realized that the eggs here are too small & so I used two but worried about the cholestrol level so I kept the other yolk to marinate my pork for the next day.
I am a health nut, I know.

The YOLK. Anyone felt this word is $p3c!aL??
I used to think that New York actually spells as New Yolk when I was 5 & it actually took me 2 years to learn it's YoRk. Wait a minute, did I spell that correctly? *hahaha* Gotcha!
Or maybe I didn't.
The next fact I realized was even worst. What, is this a day of realization as well on BERRY Day?!
The sayur I have been eating for a month & still thought is pak choy was actually dua chai!!!!! (big vege in Hokkien)
OMG! =.="""
My housies have been telling me it's pak choy & I ate those sui dua chai (small big vege cause they look much smaller from Aussie) still thinking it's pak choy for A MONTH PLUSS!!!
I have to say nothing but admit I AM BLURR ! How slow~
No wonder when I was chewing all those stems alone I somehow felt it tasted diffferent & so familliar to a childhood dish -My ama's dua chai peng. (big vege rice) SHITES, I MISS THAT!
To comfort myself again, I made myself Honey Lemonade. Found a lemon inside the fridge I bought 2 weeks ago & it's still hard. You should see how happy I was~

~ Homemade Honey Lemonade ~

& so dinner time arrived. My actual plan was to eat rice at night as I know I'll most probably stay up late & get hungry again by then but I couldn't do so. WhY??? Because I am afraid of the dark!!!
My housies went to Melbourne & I didn't want to Be at the kitchen anytime after 7 p.m!!! I am pretty sure I will get a heart-attack just by the sound of the old fridge engine's moaning again. I own ears of a dog when I'm alone which is not good after all cuz I can't do anything after all even if something happens.
So, I had Heinz vegetable soup. I've got the whole collection of those ranging from Winter Vegetables, Garden Vegetables, Potato Spinach, this, & bla bla bla~~~ -Just in case for situations like this!

Heinz Vegetable & Lentils -Mild Curry

In the end, I had a delicious bowl of hot soup to keep me warm! (:
Geez~ Mine actually looks nicer than theirs~! lol~

A soul soothing day can NOT be considered complete without a hot bath / shower for a lady-like cam whore like me ! *nah~!*

This is what my housie always complain about. -The result of the bathroom atmosphere each time after my bath ! HAHAHA!
The temperature of water I use is I think double the temperature of a normal human's body.
So whoever wants a sauna can just hop in after I use the bathroom. LOLX~!

I thought I calmed myself and managed to overcome the fear of another Home Alone day but the cold bed spoils EVERYTHING again instead of a happily-snuggling-into-cosy-bed-with-an-"aahh"-sound ritual I used to have. )=
Plus it's shape reminds me of the semiotic of a sardin can.
-_____- "