Tuesday, March 6, 2007



I am sure some of U have been wondering how my house looks like at Australia. FYI, I am NOT staying at the hostel (for those who asked repeatedly), I'm staying in a house @t Cluden Place, Invernmay, Tasmania. It's a very N place to live in; New, Nice, q-u-i-t-e Neat, & Noisy! HAHAHA! It's because of my EXISTENCE. =.="
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Welcome 2 Cindy's cottage!
  • 0 living room
  • 1 bathroom
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 princessalized chamber
  • 1 bedroom + kitchen
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 courtyard
  • 0 cars (at the moment)

This, is called "The Desperate Hall"! We have a broken house phone & a 2nd hand handy iron from Town Trader for just 12 Dollars!
& here we have the bathroom...


WELCOME 2 MY room; The Princess's Chamber...!

There is my pink cosy bed vf baby Whiffer... aww~ I love her~ She sleeps vf me every single night! *^^*

~~~ I am a Cinderella! ~~~

On this wall there are butterflies~ I'm really into butterflies, fairies & stuff. Those pink squares are stick-on papers for notes; so I had my "words of wisdomS" all stick there along the wall. & there is a silk blue carpet on the floor.

This is where I go online almost 24/7, have some light meals, do some readings, check my schedules & stuff. It's kinda small though, with no drawers. I have NO drawers in my room actually. -.-"

Counting the days...! Haha! 1/2 1/2 only actually. I'm takin' the opportunity 2 live life 2 the fullest here...

Close <----- My Wardrobe -----> Open

Pink Japan : The only corner I'll be in my room. This is where I do my make up, lotion & facial sessions, making FULL USE of the MIRROR, etc etc. Don't U think it's 9s? I actually bought a silk violet cushion with 2 ribbons for the floor.

*** Blowin' kisses~~~ ***

This is the shown example. =.="

Below are decorations on my table. There are iPod stuff & cabels, Britney's Fantasy perfume, bangles, bands, clips, hearts, nail enamels, rings, etc etc... I just make sure they are all pink. =p

This is 1 of my favourite pyjama; Be more affectionate; get two boyfriends! hahaha! Nau-gh-Ty~!

Baby Whiffer & me again! We love each other very much! ^^ U should really try cuDDle her! She is juST like a lil' BaBy2 me~! *>.<*

Last but not least, let's go to the front yard. This is the view of going out from the entrance...

The garrage... but we have no cars for now. I'm planning to get one soon~! *B-)

The door to the back yard.....

There is where we hang clothes. It's a pretty cool thing though; it spins like a small marry-go-round for kids.

Our friendly neighbour's house. They have many puppies & a daughter name Amelia. I SWEAR she has the MOST beautiful big, blue, crystal clear eyes I've ever seen! No pics, soRRy!

Alright~! U've seen too much! Off U go HOME! 10X 4 viewing! C u next time!

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