Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Peg People(s)

The Peg Story

I couldn't go online for about TWO WEEKS (so SORRY 2 those who worried but I am truly touched by your messages! -U know who U guys R) but I was & am still ALIVE & I am still SURPRISE! Well, just by NOT THINKIN' about IT & live everyday by shopping 4 stuffs 4 a new home a.k.a decorating your own room 2, keeps your feet running around town in the day, & U get to arrange them at night. Though U can'T really do that everyday... U will get BROKE or po kai very fast plus shops here closes at bloody 5IVE p.m anyway.. So, GUESS what I did 1 day!?!?!?! muahahaha................................................................................................................................

Peg People(s)!

Wonder what they are? Well... It's something I played when I was a lil' girl. There was this damn thick bright yellow vf black polka-dots "100 Bed Time Stories" book (I wish I can show U a picture of that) which includes a story of a girl who was too bored had an idea to draw faces on wooden spatulas, pegs, & stuff she borrowed from mum. Well, those stories never have plots anyway, but I loved them! Mum used to let me do what I read; making my creativity crawlz till 2day(!), & I'm glad.

I bought 5 bunch of hangers (10 hangers in 1 bunch) for 2 dollars per bunch! Plus, a big packet of pegs from "Chicken Feed". It is our Kedai 1 / 1.70 / 1.90 / 2 Ringgit at Malaysia. ReaLLy C-H-E-A-P!

Chicken Feed

Well, I got home that evening with my hangers & pegs; hung all my lovely clothes, & stared at the pegs. I didn't know how but somehow the think yellow book came in mind. I immediately took out my limited magic colour pens & customized my own pegs.

Here is how the DIY goes...

(L to R, Up to Down):

The Mozarella Family, Eggymo Family, Auntoine Couple, (+ their petS) & lastly, C-I-N-D-Y customized pegs.

Try & take a closer lOOK if U can. These 4 pegs are actually 2; divided 1/2 1/2 front & back. They are Eggmo's children. The 1st pic (L & R) is the crying son, while the right, the smiling daughter. Now, the pic next to them shows why he cry & she smiles; eXcept for my bad composing skills, it's terbalik. The L one now is the daughter's butt & the R one, the son's ass. His napkin wasn't changed! That's Y he cries!!! HAHAHAHAX!

P/S: Please don't tell me it's lame. LOLX~!

This is an e.g of A peg people; the father from the Mozarella Family.

1st Pic: Right side view.

2nd Pic: Front view.

3rd Pic: Back side view.

4th Pic: Left side view.

Well, I can't really remember how to do this, but I completed them & it didn't take long. After it's done, I think the face should be on the side, so that their mouths don't have to open all the time. *Kesian* Well, that's for this! Moving on to da' next blog~~~ to the left To The Left... ... *^o^*