Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Daffodils & Dandelions

Daffodils & Dandelions
I've been quite free these 2 weeks; classes just started & we are still just trying 2 know each other, & that's why I've been cam-whoring whilst taking loads of pics + photoshop-ping myself at Tas... To those who don't have my FriendsterS to update with, here are some desserts 4 ur eyes... q=*
Isn't this a nice dandelion clock? The view of this makes me smile... *^^*

Making postcards of myself vf more & mOrE dandelionS..... *^o^*

1 of those not in Friendster...

& another one... *>.<*

1 of my fav pics tOOk only yesterday~!

& the nicEST c2pid picture I have... *=p

I call this " F-I-S-H " ~! @#$%

Some said it's dOUBLE trOUBLE of a twin sista'.....

Some said that they are just vain....

While I personally think..........

Prepare for trOUBLE, make it dOUBLE ;
I am a sweet, sleek, sassy, sexy, naughty, vain -bitch.

- sexypromiscuousmodeliciously me.