Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Different Story of A PINK Lover.

Another Different Story of A PINK Lover.

The days have been long. I counted my fingers from right to left, and then left to right, lost it, & recount.

The image is clear; I've been waiting for so long to see & hold the lil' one in my chest, knowing it's mine.
We both thought it'll take a week plus, taking in mind that people at Tas moves kinda slow & that it's in an island but it actually only takes a few days. Looks like the same thing but paid & not paid extra gives a big difference after all.

It was quite a fun class that day; 8th of March 2007. (Her birthday) The whole class went to City Park to a community radio station & my eyes almost blurged out to see SO MANY wonderful AWESOME collections of radios from 1970's!!! I wanted so badly to take pictures of them to put in PINK LABEL, but I don't think that's a good idea in CLASS. Well, it's still A class. Richard, the old man who works there bringing visitors on tour way~back to the radio world from the 70's & back to the iPod world now. He is a old but "happening"~ He knows the latest technologies out there of transistors & stuff, which is pretty cool~!

After class, I waited for Charles to go home pack his luggage before he return to Hobart to see his girlfriend while munching on my small chocolate teddies & chillin' out with my juniors as they play "tennis" with a small marble-like yellow rubber ball. Apparently, my teddies weren't enough to keep me full so I went to Bizy Bee to get myself a big, FAT, short sausage & mashed potato beef AND, I got stalked by the Mazda guy again! I gave some lame excuses & left for Uni. After the discussion with Charles, I went to K-Mart with my SuperMan! (Aaron) & Salad! (Alard); the PINK hair guy. lol~ They are Virgos & share the same birth date together. hahaha! They are reaLLy kind to take me there & help me carry stuffs or I'll have to take that long, long, LONG journey again with bundles-of-Not-joy-but-groceries. I got down the car around 5 something, I guess and.....

"Cindy, your thing is here."
"OH~? Really? Where? Where! WHERE?!!!"
"Deh~ I put there dy."
"You mean my CAMERA???!"
"Ya lo"
"Where you put?!"
"In your room there. They just throw it there outside the floor & so I quickly take it in for you."
"Ok oK OK!!! YAY!!!!! Thanks, ya! yay yay yay~~~" (=

"So Cindy"
Quote: Eri. (I suppose)

I alwayZ love parcels since I was young. Maybe it's because I used to get them annually or more often than that from my KL aunts who generously sends teddy bears, cosmetics for mum, same cute pyjamas for me & mum, enormous quantity of Enid Blyton story books or Bedtime Stories; those which has 365 stories 1 a day, & many more. I just love them. (To those who grows up reading Enid Blyton:) Remember The Faraway Tree where Moonface, Silky the fairy, Jo, Fanny, Dick & the others who embark on the adventure up the tree to another world above the clouds?

I should no doubtingly say with absolute no shame at all that I would still love to read or flip through those wonderfully illustrated pictures again! I miss them a lot and till now, (the following is a fact that people know but doesn't see it as an advantage in Me) I still & love living in my own childhood fantasy wOrld where unlimitied imaginations, magnificent images, pictures, & 4Ds visuals crawl and creep wildly; leaving their thin vein like strands on every brain cells I have in my head, giving me another world where I live in whenever I am alone, & alone.

I know there is a part of me that gives people a feeling that I am like a child, a girl instead of a woman or lady, "little girL", "still a little kid", "你还是小孩子啦你", or "永远长不大" which leads to the SAME DAMN OLD Conversation AGAIN.

"那你又说什么 小孩子 小孩子 的?"
"可是我就是喜欢你这样啊。 "



Well, sad, but true. 小孩子 is what hanging there on their damn mouth.

I love to dance, I love to jump, I love to scream & shout, I love to laugh out loud.
I dance, I jump, I scream & I shout, & I do laugh out LOUD.
I sulk when I don't get what I want, 小孩子 they say,
but in the end, I GOT what I WANT.
hmph? Advantage? Questions you wanna ask me?

I love pink, I love toys, I love girlie & kiddie stuffs,
I buy them, my room filled & full of them,
But I know what I am DOING rather than just KNOWING what I like,
Am I silly?
hmph? Do you actually think about it? No. You only know how to JUDGE.
Need me say more?

I tell to your face what I love.
I repeat I love PINK.
I SHOW you I tYpE LiKe tHiS,
I use annoying words like <@\/\/@!! n3H~~,
I pout & pose,
I cam whore myself,
I show to the wOrld how PINK my room is ANYWHERE I go,
I throw kisses & hugs everywhere,
What is your view towards a female like me?

Keep in mind, I am TELLING you THIS, I AM. So, BEFORE judging anything, & before you see this, I TELL you in handy, my new camera IS, P.I.N.K.

& why acknowledging the child in you is an advantage?

I am creative & original,
I want to write books for children,
I love Nanny Mc Phee,
& I love myself for being myself.
So DON'T bring me down, ALL of YOU!
( & YOU is for PLURAL, dumb asses! You go to an assembly and the headmaster says "YOU must do this". Do you think he is saying ONLY you or YOU"S"?)

*Sick of chatting at MSN or just anywhere using the word Y-O-U & people asking me "Why do you say me like that? I didn't oso ..." Hello, Y-O-U is for general, OKAY?!* =.="

Back to the original story, I threw my plastic bags on the floor at the "Desperate Hall" & rushed to my room. I see her lying there on my bed, & I screamed like crazy. "She is HERE!? SHE IS HERE!" (:

"She" is my new Pink Rose Sony DSC T-10 Cyber Shot Camera! Well, I know there are many new models coming out, but I just LUURRVVEE this particular PINK too MUCH & I JUST-HAVE-TO-HAVE-IT-BE-M.I.N.E!!!!!

& here she comes, with a hiDDen letter From someone very ..... far

& to my greatEST surprise, which I ALMOST love more than the camera, I found lil' treasury raisin boxes inside! AwWw~~ That's just being sO sweet~! I LOVE Raisins. I actually finish the whole bucket packing of Sun Maid Raisins in 1 day..... eh heh heh... heh. *=S

Which; leads to "OPENED FOR INSPECTION" by the custom people!!! *URRGGH* Opened it BeFoRe ME!
- ...indicated that there may have been an item of quarantine concern in your mail.
WTH~ No manners laa... It's just raisins, dude~ Sau pei laA! =.=

In the end also passED laa... buat malu jerrK! *FuSS maKeR*

The 4OUR Views of my *NEW* Camera which travels all the way to Aussie from the States...

The iPod He gave me for my previous birthday present from USA... It's *PINK~* tOO!

My previous Previous birthday present from States... 99 roses of my fav colour S S S S!

Them, after being TradeMarked as PINK "iPod lOvE" & PINK "Sony lOvE"....

The precious things I own... Finally, all with their PINKlOvE TradeMarks ON, except for my lappy which; is not in the picture, & my PINK metalic Atos back at home... I miss my c..a..r.. )=*
But they are all gadjets...
Where is that one thing that's mine I don't own & can't TradeMark...