Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Good Kisser

The Good Kisser

Music from house party beating loud as background.

At the park near hiS car.

They look at each other. Beat. Silence.

"Kiss me... Would you?"

He looks hard on her.

"I felt that you are a bit weird today."

Pauses. He doesn't respond.

"It's OK if you don't want to. I'm fine with it, I'm just asking."

Initiative to leave.

"No no no... It's not that. Wait."

Turns back.


"How do you want me to kiss you?"


"How? Oh... Well... you can... hmm... maybe a... slow one? Or... Wait, let me think. Hm?m..."

He grabs and pushes her towards his body. He kisses her harsh and hard on the lips.

Pulls back. "Hey! This is not it! I thought I said..."

Ignores & continues.

She laughs.

They both laugh.


"Nothing~ Just... HaHaHa!"

"Oh My God!"

"Yea, continue~"

& they did, under the witness of the round, blue moon after the party...