Tuesday, January 16, 2007



I m just a girl. I m a girl, not yet a woman. I don't mean take ur' song, Britney, but that's what I felt, & what they say. HE say actually; my lecturer, Rey. He looks at me 1 day & call me *Sparkle Face*. He looks at me the other day & pauses first. I look fatigue.
Well, why?
Let me tell U. I m SICK of guys. I will NEVER b les or in-betweens but I can't stand this anymore, really. I'v had E.N.O.U.G.H.!
Note: This is definately not to ALL guys but in general.
What a GIRL wants? Girls r born 2 b different from GUYS, this I know. Sorry, too general. But LESS is MORE. Even my simplest sentence, do U think U really understand or ever think what they ACTUALLY mean? Like U watched a movie or theater. What? Do U think U ever gv it a thought after U cm out frm the magic room? I don't think so, honies~! (Guys r just IGNORANT & stupid.)
I m a girl. & U know what I want? I can't make this general but perhaps I m a different Scorpio (Sorry 4 being so corny!) but... GUYS! Do U know what is your problem? You make us think that you mk things complicated but actually they are jus so bcuz U dont tk thm seriously. Everything is fine. Fine, fine, FINE! Fine vf U then~! Mayb tht's wat U 1.
1st U hv a girlfriend whom U love. If U don't love her, U wont b vf her. Right? So U love her, U go 2 cinemas, KTV, meals, all tht crappy stuff.. (U knw the list). But then, in between those places, dont deny Ur bloody two eyes didn't steal a glimpse of other betina(s) at the corner! Some like their gf 2 dress up. Fine. We do. Then if we dress up 2 nicely, & U don't, U get jealous in a silly way that U r not aware of. Then U complain our dress is 2 tight, that our mk-up is 2 thick, all tht crap. So, some 1 their gf 2 b simple. Ok, so we b simple. & wat happen? YOU tell me wat happen! 2 chickened out 2 admit? Fine. A female passes by in a tube top and a short mini skirt vf long straight hair or blonde wavy hair. You stare. U steal that, U thief!!! So, what do U 1? HUH??!! If U love us as ur' gf & U r proud of us, y do U do that? if U r not proud of us, Y on earth bother 2 tk us as ur gf? What a girl WANTS is NOT that! Don't try to say it's your nature of watever f*ck it is. Who cares? Y can we stop doin all those shits whn we found U bt U cant do it 4 us? Think the universe, MEN! It's universal rule. It's just FAIR.
Romanticsm. U can say nt all girls or some Taurus(s) r not. Fine. But which girl don't like 2 b touched at the tip of the heart? If U r 1's boyfriend, & U love that person, is it SO hard 2 do sweet things 4 her once in a while? Which female doesn't love flowers, small beanie toys, lil' cute cards, surprise visits aft class ends; without havin 2 ask U 2 wait, etc, etc? I m nt asking U 2 do that ALL the time, U know? Its just... If U love some1, automatically U love making & givin things 2 ur' other 1/2. Isn't it? Ask urself then. Won't U like tht if ur gf surprises U so? Never been through that? Then U r NEVER loveD & never LOVE.
How much effort does it take 2 send a sms if U r away 4 a day & cant c each other? Send 3 word; "I Miss You", test it now. How long does it takes? Small things that U r sensitive about shows how caring & loving U r. But nothin of that happens to the most of us. I m NOT asking any1 2 agree vf me here but if U do, I suppose we r feminists. Equal rights. If a gf can treat her man good, U should too. I m not trying 2 b corny again now, bt if U really imagine ur' gf dies 2mrw & U nvr had the time to do all these sweet things 4 her, I bet if I hv 2 die, my death is worth your regret. If U dont, U r an animal vf tons of egos & no 1 needs a guy like tht, I'm tellin' U.
So, ur girl-"friend" called & U answer it. U wouldn't say U r vf us 2 some girls. Girls, hv U experience tis b4? Now, jantans, is it so hard 2 say "I m vf my GIRLFRIEND right now. I blif U hv ur dignity." ? I knw tis is 2 much bt words r abstract & U can mk them sound soft or hard bt stil, without losing the valid meaning in them. U keep stupid bitches picture in the hidden file of ur pc & U view female profiles on Friendster. Whats tht 4 huh? WHAT IS THAT FOR?????!!!!! U still need other girls whn U already hv a gf? If we do the same thing, what will U do & feel? Hv U ever think? It's not that we r chicken & afraid of U, we just dont. It's cruel, U know? Then aft all the shit U do, U mk us feel its our fault 4 controllling U & U cant hv freedom & frens. Then? Don't 5d a gf lah! U can say there must b a balance. Yes, a healthy life needs a balancing. But is the above EXCUSE a right WAY to balance frens & gf?
When 2 ppl r 2gthr, U find their -'ve quailities. U can b a "man" & mk ur girl listens 2 U. <--- Jerk! U can b tolerant & a "real" man. Tolerant. Tolerant??! How long can U b, darlings? Every1 has a red ballon inside them & that is ur' patience meter. How long can a balloon made of the best rubber in the world last? It will soon burst 1 day, sooner or later. It's just the same~ Then U fake a gentleman & U burst 1 day showing all your bad "chi" (energy). That's the worst fart ever in the world I can ensure U, MEN! & when U can't tk it anymore, U blame it on women & leave them. Now, if U don't love us 4 WHO WE R, Y did U b vf us on da 1st place? If U love us, y must U TOLERATE vf who we r? I DON'T understand!!!!! Ur' stupid friends tell U we r not suitable. We r too different; Different worlds. Different backgrounds. Different personalities and charactaristics. All that f*ck. Fine. U said U dont blif. Bt after a few fights, U think U HAVE 2 agree vf them unfortunately. Question. Must 2 ppl b the same type of ppl 2 b happy 2gthr? Think. So, U compare us to ur' friend'S gf. Y r they so understanding, not petty, patient, not slow, as if U r never satisfied. Now, which couple did not fight at all. Do a survey. How many times does a couple fight in small things in a week? A clever man dont tk in mind unnecessary things but the understanding of his gf's need instead. Ppl wont tell every1 every problem in their relationship. Believe me? U look everywhere or the mall for e.g & U c ppl holding hands, smooching, etc. How often of them did U c fighting around? Will U fight in public? No. Y? Ppl ONLY like 2 show others how happy & good they r. So is there a logic 2 compare ur gf vf other couples & thinkin she is not good enough? Running away from problems & fights is USELESS as U r if U do cuz they keep coming if U never LEARN. Stop being selfish & think bout urself; getting wat U 1, b happy U won, & throw us away after U own us 4 too long. Where is appreciation? As we all knw, we r human 2. & do REMEMBER we r people's DAUGHTER, child, apple of our parents' eyes. Bullying us is like bullying our family. & tht means no respect which concludes that U r nth more than "kurang ajar". "Leave me. Forget me. Hate me. I won't blame U. It's my fault, not urs'." Familiar? If U r not, familiarise urself vf it. U'll hear it at least once in ur life. Only guilty people say stuff like tht. So stop saying craps like U hv ur family and studies or work pressure, & pull innocent face for forgiveness. 5d a monk if U need symphaty or emphaty. If U knw U will face pressure, Y b so selfish & woo us on the 1st place? 4 temporarily fun kah? Poda la~ tambi! It hurts U know! U browse Friendster & U get 2 know tis gurl. U observe her profiles, her blogs & stuff. U think she is interesting, special & DIFFERENT. In a few weeks time U say U love her. WUT??! Love? Hahaha! Then ur desperate rush push the gurl away & U bk off in a day. Bt U said U love her? Look at urself in the mirror, guys & c whether U r ashame of ur actions. Is ur skin so thick like a boar's? Debate & fight about how women treat men nowadays. But let me remind U we r wat we bcom bcuz of what U did these centuries. Read history & U will knw women were only slaves b4. To cut things short, ur struggle 2 clean ur gender's name proves tht U admit ur own folly bcuz thr is nonid 2 do so if U nt a guy as I mentioned above. Bt I dare U. Cuz if U don't it also proves U r 2 chicken 2 admit what U r. Is this GIRL making things hard here? That's our difference. & its just-FAIR. Gv this a thought if U r a REAL man. Or fuck off if U r a CHICKEN. Imbecils. All U think is sex!