Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stupid God! (6 May 2006)

Stupid God!

I drank 5 litres of H2O 2day 4 da' 1st time in my life!!!!!
Attending NTV7's new variety TV show; 周六吵什么! 4 da' 1st time 2mrw bt I lost my precious voice. Now I sound more like a boy but less than an old croaking frog!
I'v came & study here in KL 4 so long & I'v never been sick till tis point & at the peek of time, it happens.
WHY NOW???!!!
God, do U know U r very unfair???
It's not like I 1 2 blame U or what, but Y choose tis time?
What, m I d 1 2 b blame?
I din do anythin, wk up d next day & I lost my voice.
What the fuck is that???!!!
Where is justice, huh?
Don't bullshit a whole toilet bowl 2 me saying it's a test & that's life ok?
U just don't hv 2 do that on da' BIGGEST DAY OF MY LIFE 2 ME!!!!!!!!
Do U understand?
Or r U dumb??
Just gv me my voice BACK by 5pm 2mrw or I'll b an atheist person soon enuf.