Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Lurve Affair with Plumule and Cotyledon...

It begins like this:

Once upon a time, there was a girl with two seeds. She wanted to see them grow. So she took the first plant,
Plumule, and put it in a pot.


And she left her there. With nothing but the cold wind to blow upon her.

The next day, she found that
Plumule did not grow. In fact ... SHE DIED-ED!


Distraught, she sought advice and was told that all life... comes from LOVE aka l0o0o0ove aka LURVE~!!

So with the second seed, she decided she would do better. She put the seed, Cotyledon, in a pot, and made sure she did all she could to make it grow.


---> SUGAR (Food) + OXYGEN

To help grow the seeds, she needed help.
And so she got her good friend the Big Red Sun to shine on the pot.

Thanks to the Sun,
Cotyledon can now make food through Photosynthesis!

Then she went to the nearby river (which was really her sink) to get the freshest and bluest water for Cotyledon.

Plants get thirsty too!

Not to forget,
carbon dioxide aka her luuurrrvvveeely kisses~~~

Now this combination of the Big Red Sun and the Freshest Bluest water, was supposed to get the plants internal magical system of life going. Then she noticed there was something changing in the seed.

He was turning green and she could tell that the power of the chlorophyll was growing inside!!!

chlorophyll, you taste good~! =D

In the end she realized that the great secret to growing life was to have LOVE aka l0o0o0o0ove aka LURVE, help from friends, and most importantly, to have FUN doing what she did.


But to this day, she felt sad that she did not know this earlier, and her first seed died. So she told herself to NEVER NOT LURVE again.


Moral of the story? LURVE LURVE LURVE LURVE LURVE is it.

Delicious healthy snacking indeed!

Thanks to my naughty brother you have this picture:


Goodbye Plumule... you left us the same day Michael Jackson did.. May you Rest In Peace. )))))':

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