Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mr Stork's Baby Delivery

Whenever I go shopping, there are 3 boxes I accord to every item I'm about to pay for. This is VERY IMPORTANT in order for me to make sure I don't buy things I wouldn't like for long. I'm sure everyone has a piece of trash they can't get rid off in their house because it is still so new!

Therefor, in order to be a Miss Smart Consumer during this bad economy period, why don't you give each item (you think you like) these 3 boxes before you reach out for your wallet :

Box 1: Is it 'hot' enough?
Box 2: Is it 'cheap' / reasonably priced?
Box 3: Does it make you feel like you just received the CUTEST baby on Earth - in a bundle, sent by Mr Handsome Stork?

If that item makes me confidently tick all 3 boxes, see me carrying it home happily!

What's hot in this bundle?!

If I were somebody's hot wife, I would love to receive a baby in a bundle like this named 'Alexander Thomas'. Then I will be a sexc mother without having to give birth like a cow.

However, I am NOT married and as much as I love babies, I would rather have cute or hot stuff delivered to me in a bundle. Who doesn't! So now you have it from DiGi. Check this out.

It is HOT, it is CHEAP, it is a PHONE in a BUNDLE!!! Plus, it also ticks off ALL my 3 boxes! =D

If you are a MOTO fan, get ready to grab this :

The MOTO VE538. Normal retail price RM599.

Not a Moto fan but a SONY's? Don't worry; DG offers Sony too! :

Your faithful SONY ERICSSON W760i. Normal retail price RM1050.

So, you saw one of your mates showing off his / her new Samsung instead?

This shiny sleek and sassy SAMSUNG F480 is for you. Normal retail price RM1599.

The following is what I, want in my bundle and I'm sure no girl would complain if her boyfriend gives her this : ^^

The LG KF750 Secret PLUS the smart DG plan. Normal retail price RM1850.

The 2 key value proposition for DG's new bundled plan are :

Box 1:

Lower advance payment (RM50 - RM250 ONLY) &,
Lower priced 3G handsets (RM0.99 - RM1499 ONLY)


Maxis's iPhone plans of RM400 - RM2000 on top of the price of iPhones which ranges from RM260 - RM2290 ONLY!

Box 2:

DG150 gives 1500 mins of talk time.


TelcoM gives you 667 mins for RM155?!

Maxis iPhone IS more expensive. Listen; it gives you RM100 commitment fee, but without the SMS usage. Though 500mb data is provided, you can only use internet at 16mb perday. 333 minutes is given free which means you can only call 11 minutes per day. And lastly, RM1900 you paid for is for a 8GB phone, not 16GB. Doesn't that mean you'll be only using your phone as a candy eye? =\

Take the (i) out of the (phone)! Now with DiGi, you can have GREAT phones, at CHEAP rates.

Go to DiGi 's website if you're interested for more details, or you can also go to any of your nearest DG store and their famous yellow men would be very happy to assist you.

Trust me, you don't want a baby in a bundle JUST YET! At least, not before you achieved what you want in life, or as simple as..... Getting yourself a new phone!? ;)