Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coral Princess Coral

If you can choose to be an ancient princess, what do you see yourself as?

Do you see yourself locked up in a castle on a
mountain top, do you see yourself wearing a vintage gown made out of autumn leaves, as you walk barefoot in the forest with a white horse and a talking cat, or are you are swimming in circles around a castle at the bottom of the deep blue sea wearing ONLY a seashell bra?!

Hahaha... You wish! Seashell bras will cut your breasts off. Wear a pareo instead! It is the *NEW* beach gown made to fit for a princess. ^^

What I'm wearing is an all white pareo. ;)

Make sure you match it with colorful chunky accessories, because you certainly don't wanna look like you're wrapped in kain kapan (cloth Muslims use to wrap the dead!). Eri's one is turquoise with violet flowers, to match with her purple beekeenee.

The pants without the label. 'shi shang zhi you mama hao...' Remember?! This mother and son picture I give you 5 stars. LOL!

Ruby's naturally fair and glowing skin enables her to wear the most colorful pareo of all! It suits her perfectly I swear. & yes, that's her book - If you hadn't guess correctly the previous posts. (=

This was what I saw after lunch.

This was what I found after lunch. A pollen that looks sebijik like a star. ^^

More smilling beekeenee pictures :

DSC04242 DSC04238 DSC04232

Happy crumbs.

~ Fairy Eri ~

We spotted the cutest baby on earth. Ruby was
so brave to ask his mother's permission to take his picture. lol! Once we got the green light, everyone, including my brother ran to the bench where he was gibberish-ing, and..........

You can definitely guess the outcome with ease, can't you now~

DSC04282 DSC04285 DSC04283
Aiyo.. how come so cute? I jealous lah. But I don't wanna marry a guai lou loh~ But then how to have baby with huge green eyes liddat! @@

Looked out to the sea and saw Eri drippin' wet!

Fished this mermaid out with my Ursula voice to cam-whore :

DSC04309 DSC04310
Missing melting moments...

Ikan masin & Ikan bilis
. Not bad what... LOL!


After dinner, there was a graduation party for all the divers. They each were given a chance to scribble on the bright red wall.

Jeremy Teo. You can read about his scribbles through his blog. I bet you'll laugh! *secret secret~


Van, or
Fu Kheng. Not fucking okay... Hahaha~

DSC04336 DSC04335

Then out of no-where-ness, the party got wild :

Where's the Beer Clinic?! Someone's beer bathing! :O

Ops. It's brown.

That blue thing is money in his pants. Give you, you want?

Crab | Lobster | Prawn | Oyster | Me | Berry | Booby | Brother (wants to be Baby Oyster)


I miss the island butttttt! I'm at Bali now.

I'm SERIOUS! No joke~

Today is my fifth day here together with Ringo and Kenny Sia. Ha Ha!! See ya~ I'm off Bali-ing... *B)