Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Life Like This is a Kind of Life.

In a couple of hours time, I'll be in Shanghai. Walking in the midst of busy Chinese; holding hand in hand with my Hokkien family - amah, gugu, me, Eu, dad, and mum... just so we don't get lost! But hopefully NOT together with a bunch of old people from the same hometown as mine (cause we're joining a tour), trailing behind us. *GASPS*

Sigh~ Why must it be always old people who join tours. Why can't young people accompany me too?!

But anyways. Since I can't assure you how often I can go online there, I would assume the worst; which is that I couldn't. Having that said, I've decided to post an entry based on events and pictures so that the comments you give won't require much answering. Unlike a makeup post. Okay?

So here we go!

Heineken's 'A Night in Rome'. DSC03979
Frankly speaking, I did not feel Rome at all. It's too green! I felt Hulk-ish. RAR!!!

Bump into my ex colleagues from 98.8 FM; Yeow Hui and Edmund. =DDDDD

Man, another ex colleague of mine, was there too and she was sooo kind and friendly to me! It could be just me; but I honestly felt that colleagues are not your colleagues anymore once you don't work together under one roof! They become your FRIENDS.

KY | Me | Horng | Robb | Huai Bin - with a bottle of Heineken each.

The pretty fun part about this event was when this two siblings DJs from OZ started spinning their indie music. *yummyliciousss

Looking at this picture of them reminds me of the next event; which is:

Nike's Summerdelic. DSC03829
The colors felt so summerish they looked like they were gonna spring out anytime soon and make friends with the crowd!

I call this the 'Romantic Dress'. ^^

DSC03825 DSC03823
The shoes are as colorful as the food are as colorful as the shoes.

DSC03836 DSC03835
Summer Cuppies!!!

Made friends with Eri's photographer-kaki mates. I basically waited for almost 10 hours there. I'm joking. For almost 2 hourss?

Thank God the emcees were doing a good job hyping 'it' up or I'll..... =x

Ean and Rudy from Hitz dot FM.

Malaysian Lady GaGa climbing here and there.

There were pole dancing performances like this by cute boys and hot chicks.

Climb! Climb!!

When I say "FU", you say "YOH" --- "FU YOH"!!!

Cheerleaders from Malaysia's High School Musical 5 Fan Club. (No that doesn't exists, HSM fans)

The end of the event felt like a spilling rainbow; without the pot of gold raining coins.

This one is NuffNang's Star Trek movie premier.

Thanks Bin Bin, for the ticket. Sorry I kept dozing off!!! Haha~

This final event is infused with 100% toxic and 100% elixir. It is the LG Launch Bloggers Event!
Red on red on red. Can you see me?! @@

Inside the bar where the event was going on...

Check out my sexc devilish Scorpion tail, baybeh~ Are you stung?? hahaha...

However, you certainly can't even try to be evil when there's an angel like this standing next to you. To me, Carol was the real angel there; in and out. (:

Yatz has his long pony tail as his halo. 'I can feel your halo halo halo~'

Nicholas is definitely a result of Angels and Demons. HAHAHA!!! Look; he wore white and owns a pair of black horns at the same time! ;P

Zeus was the most good looking guy there I suppose. Once we took this picture, a paradise of girls started to blind him with flashes.

I took picture with a boyband! A fake boyband! A real bloggerband!

Red Mummy was SUPER GORGEOUS and I LOVE her makeup! She deserves to win the TV.

Ruby bOOby in her killer red silk cheongsam. *um mmm~!

The beautiful Princess Isabella who owns a closet.

Fair and lovely Tzia is so sweeeeettt!!! I like her!

Cute Hitomi - you were very friendly and down-to-earth. *hearts!

Ee Ching and friend - both looking nice and decent in white and black.

If men kill with guns, women kill with looks. Which is better? hahaha!

The happy-go-lucky bar tenders who asked for their picture to be taken. *awww...

And here's a double awww. These 3 fellas in their best clothes had to push their car on a Friday night; just before they reach the club. ROFL. While Ruby and I.....

Went QUATTRO!!!!!

DSC04481 DSC04483 DSC04484
Poor Mancis Francis. Tetek pun kena cubit.

That's all for today, folkies. I gotta continue packing. Perhaps catch some sleep; before the Dream Catcher catches me~ Wish me a safe flight to Shanghai!

p/s: This blog will still be updated as usual by the pretty Jeremy Teo
and handsome Eri Peng. Have fun!