Monday, May 11, 2009

doesn't Mother Nature deserves Mother's Day too?

Does anyone remember Earth Hour? Of course you do; because everyday at any time should be earth hour, no??

Hello Mother Nature. Happy Mother's Day!!! I think everyone has forgotten about you.

This was how I celebrated Earth Hour. I know this post is a bit late, but Mother's Day has given me the perfect opportunity to write this as a HMD gift for Mother Nature!

@ Mont Kiara's Fun Zone.

The emcee was so semangat when it comes to selecting his costume pieces. He looks like a Hip Hop tree. =/

A lot of children took part; but mostly Koreans...

Plant a tree today, folks~! I have Mr Aloe and Miss Vera at home. Hehe!! =D

Jeremy and I were there too early so we took a walk around that area and we found a nice, fiery, fury, fountain!


Super Ultraman kacukan Power Rangers!!! He must have thought he was (super) duperly awesome...

We had some FREE Rojak from Earth's party too~

And finally the event itself started.

Despite all the sempit hempitan, we managed to make way for ourselves to the front quite easily.

Basically, this event was driven by the many drum performances by lovely, friendly students.

This was the first.

And the second one; which feels exactly like it took about 1/2 an hour to end. *gua gua gua~

But anyway... We both had fun and!


Happy Mother's Day, Earth!!! & Happy Belated Earth Hour! This post is here for a reason, and the reason is... YOU. (((((: