Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm BACK! - The Things Between US

hey all, i'm back from Shanghai!

just to share with you...
I can online here @ Shanghai... Hahaha!

I'm just kidding, I'm still at Shanghai, enjoying my holidays with my family!


not Tey Cindy / Cindy Tey /


I'm Cindy's handsome Eri

Crap, just ignore what I've written earlier lah...

Alright, I was forced by Cindy that I have to do this post simply because she's away and nobody can update her blog except the pretty Jeremy and I.. ok, I'm kidding again T_T

so yeah, what should I blog about?

come on.. gimme some ideas... ideas come. come come wtf

Ok, I think i know what should I blog about..

like how I met this girl !

It was back in 2005...

when i first enrolled this Performing Arts course at Sunway Uni College..

every Thursday (was it Thursday?) we had to have a general meeting, not really general meeting lah, but it's more like, the whole school of dept. of performance + media have to gather at Roof Top Theatre (RTT) and to talk about what's happening in the school..

& I saw this girl stood in the corner; dressed in pink, she has this extreme long barbie hairstyle, and she's quite loud. She kinda made me go to her and say 'Hi'. No actually, she didn't.

Her name is
Tey Cindy.
f***, we looked damn CACAT last time

ok la, the end!

thats how we met, yeah, met @ college and we're very close since then, though we don't hang out
that much, but we know, there's something special that cannot describe, between, US. nabeh, i sounded so les.


seriously, Cindy! the moment you asked me to blog things between us, like how we met n etc... I was speechless, because all i know, and all that I have in my memory. it
was all, images that's without words - like, no words can describe our friendship kind-of-thing. hahaha!!!

we talk, we laugh, we listen, we read, we think, we shop, the time spent together, we can do almost everything together, but we don't sex together wtf.

ok, scandal pic... :P


see, we kissed! but we just don't sex together, trust me, hrmpf!

s***, running out of things to say... help!

Oh, and Cindy said that she's gonna get me a souvenir from Shanghai,

and you know what she's gonna get for me? a CHINA man, she said.

NABEH, Cindy!

do I deserve ONLY a CHINA man?

back to topic, i'm seriously running our things to say lah..

OH! look, i found this picture of us...

me, ubi kentang and cindy.. -_-" you-dont-wanna-see-me-in-this-pic..probably not me here at all!

another picture...


people asked me why didn't I blog abt Cindy when she was in the competition.
I don't show support to my friend by simply blog about how good / glamourous they are.
I have my own way to show my support & the most important thing is, she knows that I'm here to support her, no matter what's going to happen. : ))


this picture was taken last year, during my 21st bday celebration.


3 weeks ago, we went to Perhentian Island together, it was our first time traveling together.

oh, i have a lot of Perhentian pictures to share.. anyone wanna see them??

Picture 218

sesiapa nak tengok gambar, sila angkat kaki dan tangan anda!

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p/s: next post -- bikini post or bikini vlog? Hrmppfff!