Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pluto ada SOMTAM !!!

Jika Pluto ialah sebiji planet, maka Perlis ialah Pluto.

Here is my post on
PERLIS, finally!

Or perhaps... more towards the border of Thai for now.

Picture of me and Ruby at Padang Besar.

It's an amazing feeling to drive up to as
far as Perlis to visit a good friend who knows her way around, where to eat good food, and takes you kai kai.

Dad took us to
Padang Besar for something different; rather than malls, malls, and more dodgy malls. It's something like our Pasar Seni KL, but more 'Perlis-y'.

For example,

They have big ass onions.
Sangat harum untuk digiling buat sambal sumbat dalam perut Si Ikan Kembung.

Like really BIGGG onions~!

Mum bought some of those and also a few good old Zebra brand stainless steel stuff --Things you and I won't be interested in; so I won't be posting any of those pictures.

Below is a very special rojak dish thing Ruby recommended that we all truly enjoyed savoring.

See that giant

Let me warn you it's basically 70%
cili padi tumbuk.

And this; which looks like a packet of yellow sugary paste, is the secret ingredient. You don't have this, you don't have Somtam. I reckon it's the Thai's version of caramel.

This is call

Hello everyone, I am Soh Som Tam. Cause I waited too long my surname changed to Soh.

I also managed to capture some really nice, cute pics of this lil' innocent looking girl,

kan?? While some pictures, are not that eye-candy.....

Like this,

Menghakis kerusi plastik dengan sebilah pisau tangan kecik bak untuk kertas - Agar kerusinya nampak baru dan boleh digunakan lagi untuk memanaskan punggung para pelanggan.

Aiyorrr... Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia~ JIMAT marrr!!!

I like dodgy places as long as they are not 'unbearable' dirty. Countries like Vietnam, Thai, Indonesia, deng deng, all also I like. Perlis and Padang Besar did fulfill my country wonderland journey fantasy...


I used to have a bike like this when I was growing up and it was red too! Damnit the picture is at Johor now or you'll go like "WOW, that girl is SO cute!" Ha Ha Ha... I memang damn perasan but that's not true.

Anyway, the real cute thing is this about Perlis. No, I didn't just use the wrong word but I really do think this is mere plain CUTE.

Along the road back from Padang Besar to town, you will see random places selling pillows!!!!! Pillows that are stuffed with 100% cotton, as there are cotton trees planted all around these tiny little huts...

Nak beli SATU~!~!~!

These are the Triangle Transformers. Transformer Tiga Segi ini mempunyai kuasa membuka lipatan sendiri untuk menjadi sekeping katil panjang! Tengok!!!

TA DAA!!! Hahaha~ The cat loose its head. =P

Into the car again. The scenery at Perlis is so different from Johor. In Johor, we have rubber and palm trees. In Perlis, they have hills :

There's a hidden kopitiam above a hill that is famous for its PAU; which every Perlis-ian would know about. Because it is SO good, only those who call to order / book those steamed buns can have their share. This is however, not the exact hill. Sorry naik lorry!

Ruby's aunt owns a makan place too, and we went there to give it a try :

Mind you; all these became our DINNER Part 1. There's another Part 2 down there!

On our way there, we stopped by the beach for our hair to capture some Perlis breeze as our souvenir to take back home with us :

Our timing was perfectly wonderful --- Just in time to catch the ultimate sunset scene.

Ruby, DON'TTT!!!!! hahaha... XD


And, a romantic picture of mum and dad... ((=


Two more lovely pictures of the blue sky and befallen kite...


DINNER Part 2 was totally awesome. We had a feast at Restoran Hai Thien. This restaurant sells halal food, and the Prince of Perlis dines here very frequently(!) :

The tangy Kerabu Mangga as appetizer.

Special steam fish with its soup / gravy that comes separately.

Claypot Prawns and Glass Noodles Stew.

And lastly,

Crabs with stunningly sweet succulent flesh as DESSERT! --- It's the taste of freshness.

That ends our trip to Perlis. Now you know where to go, and remember to call the aunty to book your paus if you plan to stay overnight~!

Good luck and have fun touring Pluto. *;-)