Sunday, April 5, 2009


Remember there was this one time when I told ya I was blogging in Penang while touring North Malaysia? Now if you love to jalan-jalan cari makan, this is for you. PPKTP stands for Penang - Perlis - Kedah - Terengganu - Perak. My PKPP collections come in 5 parts and in each posts, I will share with you what to eat where you are.

The restaurants you'll come to see in my blog didn't just come to us as beautiful coincidences; but they are recommended by Uncles (who are my Dad's friends) who lives in the PKPP states; which obviously means our recommendation won't go wrong!


A day after Valentine's, I had a photoshoot early in the morning. It was also on the same day my parents and I planned to go gila Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. I received a last minute call from an agency to be the model for a magazine section.

Cameras - on - Lights - flash - Studio - me.

Butterfly make-up.

I like the way my eye shadow was applied, but not the.... So please just imagine me in this picture with soft, long, wavy dark brown locks curled to perfection; thank you very much for using your imagination.


The shoot ended at about 1pm. My parents were kind enough to fetch, wait, and pick me up again before we went PKPP. Our first stop was at a small town named Sungkai.

Sungkai is like a town for Tom Thumbs and Thumbelinas. How big is this place actually?

A stretch of road. That's all.

So HOW would anyone know if there's actually a very famous (I would very much love to use the word 'exotic') restaurant, HIDDEN inside Sungkai, along this street!?

Having that said, it is easy to spot. Choy Kee, is the name of the shop.

Mum and Dad checking out WHAT TO ORDER on the newspaper cuttings pasted with pride on the old-fashion tiled wall.

Kedai Makan Choy Kee is famous for serving you the freshest ingredients, especially seafood. If those seafood aren't fresh, you come another time - Or they just won't serve it to you!

So these were the dishes that we ordered; sadly no prawns (cause they are BEST at cooking udang).

Paku Pakis. I cannot describe to you how special they stir fry this green flora. It tasted so uniquely fragrant I couldn't explain how!

Steamed frogs or bka (better known as) water chicken if the word "FROGS", might freak you out cooked with spring onions and thin ginger slices tasted very refreshing!

Loh Tu Kha - Braised Pig Trotter. My dad's favourite dish anytime. Hahaha!!!

Steamed Sultan Fish. Surprisingly, the flesh of this fish tasted very smooth and literally buttery~! No wonder it's named "Sultan". But a piece of butter with bones this is.

After lunch, we left Sungkai and headed to-the-left to-the-left. Or north, actually. North left.

Alor Star - Ipoh, here we come!!!

My dad is kick-ass AWESOME. He (actually) made a LIST of what-to-eat when we-reached-where. He's like a tour guide for FOOD, man! No wonder I love food and travel so much. Lalala~ Like father, like mother, like daughter, like son - But the 'son' is now at Kuala Pilah's matriculation doing Biology. Kesian the fella la...

We stopped by at Tapah's R&R - literally to rest & relax for a bit. (at the middle of a highway also can take picture wtf) I had to wear my favorite pair of orange sunnies each time we pergi loo or people would think I'm damn sesat. I mean, who wears Ts and saggy cotton pants with evening gown hair and smokey eyes!?!?!?! LOL

Pardon me and my OTT make-up, man. In the midst of rushing I couldn't remember to bring along facial wipes throughout this 6 hours journey... haihhh~ Poor pores.

So girls, do not do what I did. Wherever you go, AS LONG AS you're traveling, REMEMBER to bring your facial wipes. Your handbag will feel a bit heavy, but what's wrong with carrying a bit of weight on your arms; rather than your tiny pores accommodating heavy, complex foundation molecules? Make sense? Well...

If ever you are heading north left and need to stop by a R&R, just hold in your discharges and stop by Tapah's. Cause here they sell the BEST quality jambu batus and jambu airs.

Jambu batus are hardly ever sweet but these 'rocks' promisingly are. And if your tongue always feels 'kelat' after eating jambu airs, these ones won't fail to surprise you with their slightly sweet, balmy taste and succulent flesh!

For those who are afraid of coloring and preservatives in what they consume, I DON'T CARE but you HAVE TO try this jambu jeruk. The red and green ones taste the same, but the green one definitely makes you feel 'safer' to consume; so you can either go for that, or ahhh just fuck it you only live once so go for the red.

Don't worry tho; it's not the whole guava that's drenched in color but only the outer skin. Trust me, you MUST try this and if you DO, please eat the normal guavas first. Or you will never turn your head back for em' anymore~!


When I opened my eyes, we're already at Penang.

Nothing much to blog about the bridge unless it's London's. Then I shall nursery-rhyme-you with a YouTube video of me doing a Mollywood dance in it.

But what the heck man. I think I just Mollywooded in front of the hotel on my own - With all that bewitching make-up and colorful briefs... Oh my God.

Now here's the hotel. Gurney Hotel. (=

There's a LIVING ROOM.

A PANTRY with fridge and all that sink.

A shower AND a...


My dad's bedroom is this. I slept with my mum in the MASTER BEDROOM.

My dad's SHOWER place.

WTF OMGG this place is freakin' HUUUGGE!!!

After such an outstretched, tiresome journey, I thought it's only fair if we rest for a while in this cozy happy crib. We had a fruit break! :DDD

This is Buah Kundang. It's like 20 bucks selonggok. Friggin' expensive. I could've top up 20 ringgit instead and SMS until my fingers gone mad, but this buy was worth it. It was the 1ST time in my life that I tried buah Kundang(s) and I love it more than mangoes!

Who knows what this is? It's not a fake penis. This is ASAM JAWA; the one your mum use to cook gulai asam etc etc.

After enough of lazing and snugging around the hotel, our stomachs started to protest and hinted it's dina time.

If you're at Penang but clueless of what's *new* to try for dina, I'm gonna tell you what to eat again this time...


I'm just JOKING. Have a hearty dinner with your family or close friends at Goh Huat Seng CHARCOAL STEAMBOAT Restaurant!

I hardly know any Chinese folks (male, female, young and old) who does not like steamboats. I think the idea of 'soup' somehow makes our stomach breathe, hang loose and says 'ahhh... this feels like home'.

Friends, this is no ordinary steamboat. It uses CHARCOAL, not gas or the dirty, bloody germ breeding luk luk style... yucks!

This restaurant is located along Lorong KIMBERLY. Go ask around. For sure you can find it. Malu bertanya sesat jalan so good luck~ And oh look! Mum and I wore the same sisterly pants *YAY!!!

These liu seemed to scream to me 'fresh! fresh!! fresh!!!'. Jesus how can we not eat em'?! That would be a SIN.

Awww... My dad and I. ^^

The usual steamboat labour work.

Pieces of charcoals are placed inside this tall long black tube...

The old fashion way of doing it. I LIKE it! Don't you???

The cutest thing about this is that we have some damn comel transformer friends working their heads off to keep our pot hot!

The batteries in them finished pretty fast so now, as you can see we have the blue one!

Then BOTH of them for more HOT POT POWER!!! lol~

Dessert time.

Silky smooth tau fa. *Yum Yum~ How can a girl resist.

I think the eye make-up looks better at night, don't you think? And thank God I tried letting my hair down... Or I'll look like a runaway punk bride. Hahaha!

Next up-coming post won't be long - It's gonna be about Penang Part 2. So go take those yellow Post-It notes now, beautiesss~!

*Hugs readers with warm belly. Hehe!! (((((=