Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mr Octopus

My favourite restaurant, here. we. come!!!!!


SOJU... which then leads to ehem ehem. Later you'll see.

This time with another
3 different types of appetizers,

Along with my favourite

Ruby. I. & Eri. (see I really couldn't let go of my

Hot Rice Cakes.

Hot Mr Octopus!

This time with a complimentary souffle' egg thingy which was da' BOMB for me that night from Lady Boss who recognized me already. lol!

My bff Eri - who takes care of me, who listens to me, who has sex with me (ok I'm just TRYING my best NOT to make her sound like my Nanny; we
don't sex), who is so friggin' considerate and understanding thus putting people ahead of herself first - where in heaven did I find this woman, man?! I must be one, lucky, lady.

Delicious, hilarious, fun & happy, out-going, CRAZY, Ruby b
OOby. The best company in town when you're down!

I'm afraid you might or most probably think this entry is boring
shit since I blogged about this Korean restaurant not very long ago, but the highlight of this post today is not the place or the food. It's my company.

If you think Malaysian Dreamgirl is fun to watch? I think I would rather opt for this one.

Less drama, more reality.

I'm afraid, you're here to judge. (:

1. When the Koreans toast, it is only polite to turn to one side and finish the WHOLE cup in ONE go - only applies for the 1ST shot. However, this is a video where I couldn't remember if Park said it was to the Left OR Right so we confused each other! LOL

2. After a few shots of
SOJU - All a bit drunk tipsy.

So the girl's definition of SOJU equals to Nail Polish Remover. @@"

Verrryyy sexc, girlsss~! Hahaha...