Saturday, March 14, 2009

Milky White Valentine

Today is 白色情人 (White Valentine).
(Happy Valentine's), dear readers!

Since today is all about white, I thought this would be THE PERFECT DAY to splash some milk around!

Eri and I both
pakat to dress in white and went to Full House for dinner @ Cow Car Water. This is us posing in front of a metallic blue Mini Cooper at the entrance.

NO WONDER it is call FULL HOUSE. It is literally FULL!!!

Tho food was NOT that kick-ass... In fact, once you dined there the 2nd time you feel
jelak already.

Dory fish with creme sauce (sien.)

Fish & Chips (lagi sien.)

But there weren't much choices. The other two of their signature dishes would be Chicken Chop and Nasi Lemak wtf?

A pot of Jasmine tea (Jeremy and I shared so we could
jimat money) that tasted so WEIRD we couldn't even finished it.

Apparently the glass pot was "Made by Hand". What an excellent humble excuse for all rejected misshaped tea pots around the world.

Made by Hand. I can also buy cheap pots from Reject Shop and separate "Made by Hand" stickers to stick on them. So jimat horrr??? No need to buy expensive utensils.

Jeremy and I.

Here comes more milk flowing your way :

Sad to say, I think I prefer this than my own bedroom. ))):

But then if I make my room into this... Hmmm~ What do you think?

Bedroom BEDROOM VS Showroom BEDROOM.


My cute Eri.

See that poor half-squashed teddy thing? Yesterday I bought a teddy bear for myself so I can hempap it like that every night. *sobs! Why so kesian one? - No one ever bought a soft-toy for me... ))))):

Eri held 2 Teddies instead of squashing the juice out of them.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture was my MSN address - "Angel Princess". So damn drama~!

The Bathroom Section :

I want a bath tub in my house too... ))))): I bought so many creatively designed bath salt, bath scrub, bath soap in petal forms; all from Australia... But they are now kept in Johor for nothing. Sigh~

It's raining MEN, Hallelujah! wOOhOO~! If only...

If only we both mandi together..... *humsup smiley. Hahaha!!!

But for me, mandi-ing is one of the BEST thing you do alone. This is however, a picture of me changing (trying on clothes). Full House sells clothes too; which makes it a lifestyle STORE & cafe.

Kanye West sunnies WTF?!?

Hats for cancer patients wtfff!?!

Took pictures until sien.

Big ass burger - bigger than Carl's Junior okay.

Jade and the Beanstalks. Maybe I should open a farm.

Jeremy was amused by the creative but impractical inanimate objects there.

That was all about my milky story really. After dinner, we went to walk around the area of Cow Car Water.

Got Mickey Mouse lah,

Mamma Mia lah,

Anything that starts with the letter "M" lah.

Also, a few shops with funny names which clearly do NOT suit what they are selling. e.g.

Ciggie Niggie does not sell cigarettes. They sell key chains
. @@"

Baby Nuts obviously does NOT sell nuts either. They sell
cards. @@!

And what is Valentine's day without a bit of sex. Look what I found at Cow Car Water :

Atrocious dolls having Oral Sex.

SHOOT. I didn't know they are gay!

Hahaha!!!!! No offense men.

You can even put your hand into their butt holes and squeeze your fingers through their mouths.

<Picture removed by User>

Happy White Valentine's!