Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am

DiGi and Microsoft has now joined "power" to come out with a brilliant idea. DiGi subscribers can now chat with their family and friends via Windows Live Messenger using their mobile phones! You can also have a FREE 2 months trial starting today; so WHY WAIT??

After the promotion months are over, all you have to do is pay RM3 per month (with NO ADDITIONAL charges), SMS "MSN" to 2016 and follow the simple instructions you'll receive.

I was invited to the most engaging event I've been to so far called "
Nuffnang's Bloggers Nite Out with DiGi". Here was what happened...

This is the 1st picture I took at this event - with NN's Carol after the registration.

As I was driving, an extraordinary random message landed in my head. It's whisper sounded like this :

If I'm your Spell, You're my Magic".

WTF? So corny!!!

When I reached this place (Friensdster Cafe'), I was flabbergasted when I was told to scribble on a board which looked like this :

So GUESS what I wrote as my PM!!! Aha!!

Here comes pictures of and with the most elephantine MSN Window in the World :

I guess you know who we are... (:

And who this is... "Makan lagi. MAKAN!" lol~

Free flow beer was provided too; which made Huai Bin pretty happy and excited. hieh hieh hieh~

That beer was not mine okay. It was Carol's (don't look down on Carol she is so much of a better drinker than me yo~)!

Pulling emoticon faces. Sad - I looked damn
so hai.

Attrrraaccctive prizes awaiting to be GRABBBED!

C'mmon! Who doesn't want FREE

Screening of DiGi IM's TVC ad that was SUPER cute!

The DiGi
kaki-s were very helpful as they visited us from table to table to assist us on The Simple Steps on HOW to Use DiGi IM on mobile phones :

You can EVEN send files or pictures <-- I find this
verryyy canggih!

All the windows messages from the hand phones were projected to the screen for us to read too...

So we were all busy figuring out what to send to the screen.

The Competition Part :

So I took part in one of the challenge to win prizes. (
Aiming for PSP you'll know if I got it later MUAhahaha...) Don't thai siu ngo!

It's an Online Debate with Yatz from Nuffnang regarding the topic "
Should we still be Friends with our Exes?".

If you haven't yet know, I'm a very
kan cheong person, and an aggresive typer. My part was to disagree with the statement.

We were given 2 minutes and all our messages were then projected to the screen for public screening (public screening? wtf!)

And I noticed that the MC guy likes to bully me.

MC: How old are you?
JZ : 35.
MC: 35?! How many kids do you have?
JZ : 5.
MC:How many boyfriends did you have?
JZ : 2? (Really 2 only so far)
MC: So, are you still friends with your exes?
JZ : One yes, one no.

za dou*

MC: You should lie to me and say NO! So whose the other guy you're friends with?
JZ : My cousin.

HAHAHA!!! I didn't know how that came out but it just did and people were clapping what the hell? - My cousin.

And we both won prizes~! *Yay!!!

p/s : actually, the truth is I believe that people can still be friends with their exes; I have so many reasons to support that statement, while Yatz has a stronger believe that no; people shouldn't. @@" SWITCHED ROLES also can WIN! Sshhh~

I didn't get a PSP...)= But I got a thumb drive while Huai Bin got a pair of kick-ass earphones.

Another game was to :

Try your best to pull a face like the emoticon given,

And out of 3 people chosen at a time, one wins!

Beautiful Kim Ong was one of the few who won too!

Click Click Click Click!!! Flashes of lights surrounded the dark night.

And FINALLY (after a year plus), I managed to take a picture with Kim who's back from Australia at the time being. =DDD

Copy Kate | Kim Ong | Jade Z | cute Zoey

Anddd for once I felt too short for a picture. Literally LMAO!

I went home that night feeling very happy. It's like an outing with all the people you have on MSN
including those you don't chat with.

Aahhh~ Thanks Nuffnang AND DiGi for the wonderful, fun-filled blogger's nite out.

So remember, this subscription is 2 months FREE. After that, pay
ONLY as low as RM3 to enjoy sending / receiving never-ending MSN messages from the ones you love anytime.

I can even remember the instruction already! :

SMS "MSN" and send it to 2016.

Happy IM!! ;p