Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chasing Sunsets.

When was the last time you took a train?

I find the idea of taking a train together somewhere is somehow pretty romantic. I suppose it's because it, (a train) is long, so the journey is longer, and you spend longer time together chasing sunsets!

Taking the train together with the one you love, hand in hand... passing whispering trees, each and every little villages; you witness the look of happiness on a Mother's face when she greets her son Hello, or the endless flowing tears on the young girl's face as she waves her love Goodbye. You appreciate what touches; grip each other's hands tighter...

I adore moments like this. However, I never own these images - I was never that lucky. They are only dreams I play for myself in my head over and over again like an old tape... wishing the day would come when my prince would buy us 2 train tickets, board a train, and we go no where together. No hurry.

But no one convinces. Everyone is afraid of this world so big, when it is small enough for you to meet the one who's on your mind right now.

Knowing that day won't come so soon, I also learned that it is not wise to wait. Love doesn't only exists between two opposite sexes, love sparks from friendship as well...

So Ruby, Eri, and I took the LRT together for the 1st time... after a very, very long time ago since we boarded a fucken bloody train!!!

JZ & Ruby bOOby.

We wore the same necklace we bought together. Difference is the colour.

@ Pasar Seni.


We went to Niu Che Sui aka Cow Car Water, but this time we din dine at Full House. I told you right; the food sucks? So we tried a new steamboat place which wasn't the best, but better than what we expected!

Sauces. Sauces. Sauces. You can't get enough of them. You wanna try everything; you can!!!

SMOKEY EFFECT! And look - my hair!!! It's LONGGG! *jumps around in happiness like a mad pig

Remember not to drink
too much water when you eat steamboats (even if you're thirsty) because.....

don't want to end up like this!

Hahaha! Cute Ruby.


The next day, we went to Cats Whiskers @ Sri Hartamas. Bought a few cheap glorious dresses which made me feel that I actually kinda like the recession period. There are SALE any and every where! lol...

Our dinner was at Bonjuk - another Korean restaurant which specialty is porridge.

= Porridge.

Apparently, it is called "slow-food" and "healthy being" food. LOL!


Chill-out session at Laundry Bar.

Only RM6.90 per glass before 10.30 PM even on weekends! Told you recession is awesome~ (Joking lah HAHA)

My dear, Justin Timberlake hat.

OK so; Wanna board a train with us???