Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Gifts Unwrapped

I guess I haven't blog about my birthday, have I?

My birthday falls on 21st Nov, which makes me a Scorpio and I'm born in the year of Tiger. *Grrrr! Ting~

Grrr was for the Tiger and Ting was for the sting. LOL
sam pat!


If I were to summarize my birthday at the beginning of this post, I would say it went very smoothly. I felt loved. In fact,
so much love. It was a very pleasant day.

It started off the day before actually; 20th November at around 11 PM...

And Winson took me to this fascinating place.

What you see is what you get. This picturesque view makes your irises shrink and stretch uncontrollably when you see this entire city at night. It feels like every light in the city has a story to tell, but you are a light yourself and therefor you are helpless. You can scream your tale out, but only the trees and squirrels under your dress could hear you. So save the screaming for an emergency case.

Despite all the hand-bag snatching, the dengue spreading, the bad economic situation, and stupid people fighting over politics, Malaysia does look like a beautiful piece of germinating unity from up here. Like an expensive Lego set Dr M fixed together. Some may think the Menara KL and KLCC are waste of money, but can you imagine no
cakar langits at all in a so-called developing country? That would be like having Komtar at Penang or 6 floors Myers as the tallest building in Launceston - A bit of a joke don't you think? I can't apprehend this thought no more.


If you are alone, you'll feel extremely lonely, no doubts. But if you are NOT alone, perhaps you won't think that much. And if it's your birthday, I beg you shouldn't. Though I think I just did and wasted a couple of minutes there...

So here we go!!! :D


I swear I didn't expect such a nice, bewitching romantic-ish birthday celebration from Winson. ESPECIALLY a day earlier, so I just simply slipped into a random dress, rubbed on some shimmery eye shadow and rushed out.

Usually, my friends don't dig this kinda stuff. They celebrate your birthday, when it is your birthday. Sounds logic lah, but not creative one. So for my whole birthday, this part was the BEST.

Oh look! The illuminations actually cooked up a storm and started whispering to me!

My birthday pressie and card from Wins. *Awww~ I get touched very easily one okay?
Apa lagih kalo macam nih.

Obviously that wasn't all. He booked a birthday cake designed for me... A very adorable one. The cutest one I've ever received.....

And since I'm born in Tiger year *Grrrr! lol... See the baby tiger on my cake? ^^

Winson is the most romantic, caring guy I've ever met. If you are searching for a man like that, find a Cancer (June 22 to July 22) The Crab.

My honest piece of thought about Cancerians - Based on experience, not Wiki or shit

Cancerians are the ones with the kindest heart in nature amongst the 11 other starsigns. They are shy creatures and make good listeners. After listening to your problems, they always try their best to help. If they can't, they will empathize. I heart female Cancerians. Male Cancerians are as good, but because they are so emotional and sensitive, sometimes you might want to re-consider taking a step further in a relationship involving a Cancer man.

They can be all lovey-dovey and stuff if you are the right one but IF your boyfriend is a Cancerian BUT you are NOT receiving ANY,,, probably he thinks you are not the right woman. Talk through it man~ As many loving ones that I've seen, they are mostly females! Male Cancerians are one of those that cheat the most.

OK ENOUGH I know too much about Cancers if you are one, I could do with one now. You can sign up at WTF

Now folks, is passed midnight. It's the 21ST!!! Please at LEAST hum a birthday tune in your heart with me...

"Happy Birthday to You 3X,
Happy birthday to Cindy,
Happy Birthday to Youuu~"

OK CUT. Cut cake. OK cut liau.

It looked like this :

I've got my NAME on it too!?! *Yay~

Ooh yeah baybeh~ Tak sabar nak tasting!

My yellow SEA SEE CEEE C!!!

And that was all~

This was how our journey back looked like.

The road was definitely
not an easy drive so please be careful if you know how to get there. This hill top place is located at Ampang. Does anyone knows where exactly that is? I want to go there again but I forgot how to... ):


My official birth day started of with meeting my dearest cousin of ALL, Tan Sheau Torng! We use to
ejek her Tong Sampah or Sotong or "ma tong" (toilet bowl) and even guma cause she looks like her gu ma.

We went to Dragon-i at 1Utama for
dim sum and this pig face bun was the only picture I felt worth taking cause its Cuteness Level boleh catat more than 5.5

This is TST, my dear Torng Torng who came
all the way from Malacca for ME! For me!! FOR ME!!!

You know how paramount the sound of "Just For Me" could make you feel?


As the sun sets, so does my heart - Sheau Torng left to my aunt's house to stay for the night. So I proceeded to the next venue which is Michael Angelo's at Pavilion.

This time, with Jeremy, Tim, and Kah Wai.

Showing off my cute tiger cake. Haha!

Wherever and Whenever there's Tim, I'm always entailed to take Funny Faces pictures.

Now food. I'm very lazy to blog about food. Cause they are always SO-THE-SAME. WHY?! That is why I ONLY blog about food if I, think it's special. What's the point you blogging about KFC or Starbucks ffs (for fuck sake) man, who doesn't know what commercialized food tastes like?

This Itallian place is okay. So here are my caption-less pictures :


another piece of birthday cake (thanks Timmo!) :

This is Tim Ho. See his funny face picture wtf~ LOL!

Mr. DJ when his hair was as long as Huang YiDa's.

Thanks, guys. Once again. (((:


When I woke up the NEXT day (22nd November), I thought my birthday was over but apparently NOT so!

Mom stirred up a simple butter cake recipe and presented in front of my only pair of eyes a mini birthday cake the first thing in the morn before they left KL! *Awww... I'm so touched okay. Got "Happy Birthday" sign summore. Do not let the humble look of this kekuu deceive you; the momentous taste of rich butter flowing in your mouth actually makes you feel royal!

And there goes my American breakfast. *Yay! I think my Mom is more
romantic than a Cancerian man. I mean HELLO? No one ever cooked breakfast for me??



You might wonder what Winson gave me. I must say, this is the 1st gift in my life that made me screamed because the Level of Delightfulness was too high -
mencecah 10.7

Can't see cleary what it is?

I used to go shopping with Wins and one day, I saw this necklace. For some reasons, it reminded me of Mamma Mia WTF!? I fell in love at the first sight of it - but it was too unreasonably expensive I swear. So each time we hang kai at The Curve, I'll pay this necklace a visit unintentionally.

So when I opened the box.....

FFS I screamed and gasps like what a human would! Now I know how exactly does it feel to get exactly what your heart wants - After you gave up on it.

My second gift was from my ex boyfriend.

It is a
black hand bag which I've always been searching for. Not searching for a brand in particular, but it just so happened that I couldn't find a nice, black hand bag that doesn't look Aunty! And he got me this from the States at XOXO :

Love the two hearts to bits! This is young, stylish, and chic.

Third gift is a bit... Vague. A friend actually flew all the way down from Shanghai to celebrate my birthday with me. But since Maxis Girls' Day Out clashes with his flight (I've warned him but who asked him to be so
degil), he didn't get to spend time with me at all in the end.

But he brought me two gifts which I find a bit... Extraordinary???

A Made in China candle.

And two films he directed. Ha-Ha!! Ok la quite cute.

The following gift was also from overseas; this time from Airene at Australia :

Amazing it reached in TIME! *Touched again for the 10042 time

It's an illustrated book by an OZ writer, Bradley Trevor Greive (Jesus I could name my son that) titled "Friends to the End".

Bradley has a great love for animals and so his books are mostly animal related. Flipping thru every page of this master piece is an awe as Airene actually scribbled and noted down some of her thoughts and trail of dates about what we went thru together when I was at Tasmania.

Now here's a special gift sent to me to my work place. It turned out to be from one of my blog readers / Facebook fans :

We call him Mr. Square the pillow.

And this is where he lives. (:

"niama... provide you with such a cozy place to live dee still want to sulk, ha?"

LOL joking joking! Thanks, Benjamin. (;

Another gift, customized :

Is a key chain for my Latio with my blog URL on it from Tim. *Thank you once again... Cannot express my gratitude liau..

A necklace from Desmond.

Desmond is a Scorpio too and let me tell you that Scorpio guys are very romantic-ish and "
xi4 xin1" too. Unlike a Cancer, they are least kind and get jealous easily. This necklace might just look like any other ordinary ones but because Des was always there to listen to my "series of unfortunate events", he chose this 4 leave clover pendent to guard, guide, and give me good luck. *Now I'm re-touched @@"

And from Ringo.

She got a treasure box from Shanghai for me. ^^ *Saaayang Ring! The girl I always talk to about traveling together but never happen cause I
bo lui.

And the final, last gift I receive was this, from Felix who sent me this picture from Melbourne WTF!!! :

But I don't want ANY of these men!

I want :

Sonsaeng (Mr) Kim Seong-Su..... *Jaw dropped cuz too handsome and do you know he is 185 CM!?


And of course, thank you for all the birthday wishes from any and everyone of you out there who pinched some time to send me a message, gave me a call or dropped me a birthday comment in my blog some time ago... I love you.

*Shy away~