Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kelly Clarkson @ Barbados ?!

Want a getaway to a paradise like this?

Who doesn't want a piece of tranquility.

How bout catching glimpses of fantastic breath-taking views of the most easterly island in the Caribbean island chain? Like this one :

Yum, yum~ Who doesn't.

Now what about this: Hot chicks in micro size beekeenees running around, sun bathing on the finest quality of white, crystal micro beads sand with the sparkling blue sea as your backdrop?

So you want an idea.

It's Baywatch baby~! And even MORE.

What's the point of ogling at strangers? As far as I know, happiness is best shared.

So maybe you want to go on a beach vacation for TWO.

Well, that's NOT a problem because DIGI is giving YOU a chance to WIN an all expense paid trip to BARBADOS and THE EVEN GREATER NEWS is that YOU, get to catch Kelly Clarkson, the 1ST American Idol's concert LIVE. All it takes is just to download as many Kelly Clarkson's mobile contents from


With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other, Barbados (that's made of Limestone) is simply the crowning place to rest your bones with your partner, or party and dance your night away till dawn.

The difference with this vacation with the other beach vacations is that THIS, is a once-in-a-lifetime concert experience that only DIGI MUSIC PORTAL can offer.

Plus point? This singer can really sing...


Miss Clarkson had really come a longgggg way - She worked in Subway, Starbucks, sold vacuum cleaners from door to doors, helped her stepfather build porches... But today she achieved international SUPER stardom after emerging as the 1ST American Idol in 2002.

ALL. Of her albums went platinum. Her *NEW* single, "My Life Would Suck Without You" from her latest album "All I Ever Wanted Is You" is now THE HIT.

Wanna give it a go? You can download THE HIT here.

If you are worried you'll loose your eyesight because you bump into Kelly Clarkson looking like this at Barbados :


Or this :



You. are. SO. goddamnn. wrong.

Check these out :

kelly clarkson 2
She definitely looks good in blond with this confident and bold yet sexy lass image.

At NYC's recording studio: Kelly looks so down-to-earth with her soft bangs and highlights.

Erm... Sex kitten?? o.O! She sizzles with short hair too!

And her new toned figure on ELLE. Do YOU have a body like this?

Striding gorgeously on the red carpet with subtle earthy tones and classy gold earrings...

I would DIE to have this white lacy gown. It's so TIMELESS!!!

And sometimes all a singer needs is a simple black top and a bloody good voice that strikes.

Need more reasons to see Kelly Clarkson LIVE at Barbados? Especially when it is an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP by DiGi?

Ha ha ha... That would be a joke, ain't it? I think it is.

Ooh LOOK I'm now at Barbados! I won! *GASPS I bring along my newly-wed-husband-TO-ME, Mr Kim Seong Su now posing by the beach while we are waiting for Kelly Clarkson to come..

hahaha! Alrighto.

TO WIN, just be the TOP DOWNLOADER of Kelly Clarkson's mobile contents at Digi Music from 2nd to 28th March (Better Hurry man!) and you can stand a chance to win the all-expense paid trip for 2 to watch "Kelly Clarkson Live in Barbados", and a Kelly Clarkson CD Hamper worth RM 165.

The following downloads are valid for the contest, only specific to Kelly Clarkson's.

*Full Tracks *Music Videos *True Tones *Wallpapers *Bundle *CallerTunes

Here's the website folks! Click this heart <3 . Good luck! (;