Thursday, February 26, 2009

Umma Saranghae ~

Everyone's mother is amazing. Every mother is a woman. And every woman has their own values worth to be treasured and appreciated. Even better if she knows how to sew, cook, teach, and simply being a good role model.

In my eyes, my mother is the BEST. She is everything on the above, and MORE! And what's better? She is a COOK. A wonderful cook, and I bet you all know this already. From starters to main courses to cakes and desserts; whatever style it is -
Name it and you have Art on a Plate. (:

The pictures below had been fermented for (almost) 3 months now. They were taken during Mom's birth day last year, but there were no pictures of Mom. Why??? Because my aunts came down to celebrate and so she ended up super busy making magic in the kitchen for 3 days in a row!

Can you imagine; no make-up, no
pakai baju cantik-cantik, baked own cakes (cause it IS a thousand times better!), no fancy dinner.....

If me I'll be quite sad. But anyways, I bought Mom a beautiful scarf.

I drove back to Johor on the same day as my aunts and cousins. I was very happy and excited - Just the thought of being home is comforting enough, now plus the family guests and my COUSINS!? No company is better than those with the same blood pumping from your heart flowing in you. Somehow... there's an extra BONUS amount of trust which exist in them already which is always nice to know.

For lunch, Mom brewed Penang Asam Laksa and I had two bowls... *hush man! lol~

Mee laksa succulent, daging ikan empuk ngan hirisan nenas yang manis tak terhingga!, kuah masam manis-masam manis, kepedasan yang... UH! *pengsan!!! hahaha~

After sweating like a deer (Sorry naik lorry I didn't feel like a pig as I've always view Asam Laksa as an appetizer only - Yes even after I had 2 bowls), this time really comes the pig zone.


It's man tou and loh tu ka!!! Just incase my pinyin is bad, that just meant Man Tou (in English call what?!) and Braised Pig Trotter in Kecap.

Mommy made the man tou herself and braised the tu ka until each parts of the ka bak (daging kaki) was infused with the flavor of its rich gravy. 100% NO tu ka bi (bau kaki babi) one!

OK paiseh got very minimal makeup cause all I wanted to do was LAZE and EATTT at home!

For dessert, no we didn't have dessert (just yet), we had :

Zui Kueh instead! Kuih Air? Air Kuih? Whatev but its a kueh with ba chui (minced meat) and chai por (cebisan sayur jeruk masin) on it. You drench it with my Mom's homemade CHILI SAUCE I tell youuuuu.......... If you don't pengsan I help pengsankan you.

The smooth texture of the kueh is so so smooth NO WONDER it's call Water Kueh and as your teeth grind through the bits of tasty kao kao marinated meat... The crunchy chai por by now would be leaking juicily in your mouth after absorbing all that buds awaking sauce~!

MUAHAHAHA~ *Pengsan.

Cause that wasn't The End... @@"

Here comes Mom's 1st birthday cake "in-the-making"...

Banyaknyer penonton! :D...

TADAA!!! A handsome, healthy piece of cake. Mom modified the recipe so this is technically a LOW-FAT cake! *yay~

My two lovely cousins Sheau Wei from the east; Kuala Terengganu and Peik Shang all the way from Taiping Perak, both enjoying their chocolate kekuu veli veli much!

I tried eating the cake layer by layer so that I could maximize the time eating it BUT I still ended up eating 3 pieces.....! )))=

Again. Puiii liau. Hahaha! But that was 3 months ago. ;P

THAT was about 4pm I think. About 2 hours later, came dinner time. @@"""

Mom's FAMOUS Mee Goreng Seribu Udang Kecik. You can eat this with the Zui Kueh's chili sauce; they click extremely well!

One of my all-time favourite dish - PUMPKIN with SALTED EGG YOLK!!! Only if Mom cooks it; I don't like it any-other-way. I tried the mixed rice one a few times before and they ALL looked like watery baby poop.

Cha Ye Dan - Herbal Tea Egg. See the tea leaves?? This is when the YOLK tastes betta than the WHITE!

Fried Kunyit Chicken Wing was damnnn sedap also but I really scared fat so I only had two. ))))):

Now what's for beverage.....?

Fresh young baby coconut juice for all of us kids!!! Ops I mean... cousins and me. My Mom and aunts always refered to us as "kids". Hahaha~ Which is good sometimes, as that's the only time you don't feel old!

And Jesus Christ if YOU think that was OVA, let me prove you WRONG!

There was ANOTHER birthday cake. The Final. Last. One. :

Mom spinning the cake on a... spinner? I'm not very sure what's it called; but it's to help you turn the cake 360 degrees around easily so the fresh cream can easily be evened out on the cake's surface...

Sprinkle some broken chocolate pieces...

Well ohkay. This is the depressing part. I didn't get to eat this cake. I drove back to KL the very next day for the Studio V interview shit thingy which until TODAY, I STILL haven't got my pay YET! For fuck's sake WTF man. What the fuck.

OK nevermind. We wait and see. Don't want to talk about sad angry things liau. Come I show you more funny pictures of my cousins :

Wei and Jaclyn from KL couch-potatoing on the sofa because they were bursting even before they could laugh. HAHAHA!!!

So we brought it to the ROOM! *broom broom~!

A more cosy, orangy lighting effect doesn't hurt, does it? ;)

My long lost contact cousin, Peik Shang whose name reads Pi4 San1 in Mandarin so we used to ejek her Fang4 Pi4 = kentut when we were younger but she never gets angry one!

Gila-gila perempuan gila-gila... Oohh and yes that's a picture of 99 flowers I received for my 19th or 20th birthday from the States which made me literally stone for MINUTES!

You know how some people are very proud of their "stoned" ability right; but THAT time I knew the REAL MEANING of "stoned". The bouquet is pretty damn heavy, it sits on your lap, and you can only look at it - stare at the wall. Look back at it - stare at the wall. lol

Pulling ugly faces while starring into the mirror is the right way to do it, you know? Cause you can look naturally ugly but at the same time you can control your ugliness - You really don't want too much of it, trust me.

And ooh yeahhh baybeh~ This is how I could live lovin' each day...


Here's a humble video from us playing one of those Girlie Bedroom Games; if you can understand Mandarin. Enjoy~! (;*


As you put on your makeup, you look into the mirror;
You feel pretty and you smile;

"This is me, who I want to become".

As you slip into that dress, heels kiss killing heels;

You flash that bust and strut that butt;

"This is what I've become, I can do this forever".

Do this everyday, every now and then;

1000 invites to parties. Dinners. Endless events.

"I am somebody, but again... No one is a nobody, no?".

Then you remove your make up, you stare into the mirror;

She stares back at you without a smile in return;

"Is this me? Or who I want to become?"

Then you remove that dress and you pity these sore heels;

You feel naked. Bare. As empty as hell;

"This is not me, this is what I've become".

You quit being everyday,

You watch dramas at home, You Go Home;

"I am somebody, new, again".

I can do this, forever.