Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Live Life with No Limitations!

This is my friend Lee :

I call him leek Leet.

I've known Leet many many years ago through Friendster when I was still studying at Sunway while he, at Apiit College. Leet is also the first guy friend I know who smokes, but displays the "Jangan Merokok" sign as his MSN picture. -_____-"

He is now studying @ Ohayo, USA. We still keep in touch and he sorta comes back once a year. The last time Leet came back to tanah air, he bought me this :

Red Tommy Hilfilger Polo T-shirt I was wearing in the picture above, and also a very nice keychain; which is a USA's car plate design with my name "Cindy" carved neatly on it.

We only get to chat on MSN once in a blue moon. And each time we do, we make sure to keep our conversations interesting. And so one fine day, I asked him :

CEO for Playboy Magazines. LOL!!!

This, is Lee, and that's why he is call LEE. Ha ha ha!!!

We went clubbing @ Poppy after a simple wantan mee dinner at MV. Lee's friends are cool people too!

This is Cute Dexter and Miss Kawaii~

Awesome people; *ehem ehem*!

Chup! I'm definitely NOT the star in this post, but Mr LEE because...

...of his Sugar Daddy traits!!

And sometimes you wonder why some guys have all the luck.

Even when he dances all night long, sweats like a piggg, and still looks hawt; surrounded by BOTH women AND men!!!!! o.O?

While some men might just stand at one corner trying their best to keep their face clean and body dry...

Look at Leek the Sayur. His hair is abosolutely WET lorh. But this hot chick still puts her faux fur shoulder-thingy around his sweaty neck, and EVEN dare to lie on his shoulder wtf!?

Well, I'm not scared either! Because I love sweaty men. But under ONE condition though :

Sweaty men who Smells G.O.O.D!
NO body odor or smelly armpits please~!

That's why I like Leet. He smells sooo manly no matter how piggiliciously sweaty he is; because HE uses Rexona Men Absolute Survival Kit!

Leet wants to be a CEO for Playboy Magazines and I find it funny plus cute at the same time. A pinch of mischief inside too, and a hint of "Leetology" personality. Think you can be better or more creative than that???

What you have to do is :

- Write a blog entry starting with "If I had an absolute extreme life".
- Take a photo in the most extreme moment with any Rexona Men Absolute Protection deodorant
- Send your entry to

Winners will be selected based on the most ORIGINAL, HUMOROUS, and uniquely EXTREME blog entry, and stand a chance to WIN!!! :

Grand Prize: Full Day Car Drifting Course
2nd Prize: White Water Rafting Experience for 2
3rd Prize: Adventure Hike at Gombak Forest Reserve for 4
Consolation Prizes X7: Rexona Men Absolute Survival Kit

Click here for terms and conditions. Good luck, sugar boys!!! Since Leet is still at the States and he can't do any of these cool things even if he wins, remember to drift me along if you grab the Grand Prize title!!! ;DDD

On ANOTHER note, if you are a GIRL, you can participate in this contest TOO. I'll go for Sugar MaMa!!!!! Don't grab my title.....!