Monday, February 2, 2009

Hey, CNY is better than Facebook!

To come think about it, Chinese New Year is better than Christmas in so many different ways.

1. We have FIFTEEN days of CNY. Instead of TWELVE.

2. We get CASH. Not presents. Which means you can buy as many presents as you want.

3. We can go
pai nian instead of roasting turkeys and chestnuts all night. Which means, more ANG POWS!

4. We get to BE Chinese because we ARE Chinese. So if you are CHINESE, go back to your ROOTS.

5. Last but not least, you get to read a train of CNY posts like this instead of ONE Christmas party's then habis cerita a bit sad.

Having that said, I'm gonna have to say I
like Chinese New Year. Because Christmas never gave me any chances to do any gatherings with my friends at all; and this year I managed to catch up with a few friends whom I haven't seen in between the time capsule of... 3 to 4 years?

CNY Day 3 was Gathering Day. The first house we went to was
Yoke Loong's. The last time I met him was 4 years ago when I was still with my dental braces on!

My braces traveled with me to Korea's FIFA World Cup field no joke. i was so reluctant to bring em' along but they plead and cried to me so i soften my heart and became their symbiosis partner.....

Alright, here comes my real post :

hao you xin nian de qi fen.

This is Foo Yoke Loong whom I've known for ten freakinggg yearsss!

We watched the stupidest ghost movie ever by Stephan Chow. He's lame, he's brilliant, but i can never be a fan of this man. His movies SUCKS and never once impressed me.

This is Tzong Syh who is also my neighbor, and next to him is Ah Hao who immediately reminds me of Ringo's bf Taka. =/

I really don't know why! Do you feel the same? (Ringo don't keel me...)

Me and TK Ah Hao trying hard to pose. Hahaha!!! Ah Hao is not used to taking pictures.

Then we went to
Da Tou Big Head's house for a while and I decided to make a move cause I was hungry. Too hungry! I guess you know what to expect now! (:

My cousin
JQ; Jaclyn Quek from Seri Kembangan who came all the way with her family to visit.

And for dinner this time, we had :

Mee Goreng Kampung with a Million of Crispy Shrimps with their shells on. And trust me, you EAT them with their SHELLS! *veryyy unbelieavblyyy tastyyy~*

For dessert we had Pure Pineapple Jelly with their Pulps. I said pure because it's literally p.u.r.e made with 100% concentrated pineapple juice with NO SUGAR ADDED!

None fattening, but still sweet as hell! Made especially for ME. q=

It even LOOKS like a sliced pineapple! Awesome kan??

Again, thanks mom. Cause I love desserts so much but I am really pathetic about the whole gaining weight issue. Now I can eat as much dessert as I want, and even get a boost of pineapple vitamins goodness! =D

Pecah Tembelang: I wanted to go out again after dinner but I felt too full to move. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I couldn't MOVE! lol~ So the next house I went to was pushed forward to CNY Day 4 :

Me and Tzong Syh in front of Yaw Mei's house.

This is
Yaw Mei

Who clearly has a gift of making AND creating hand crafts as priceless gifts, souvenirs, and work of art. Knitting, sewing, origami, beading, the list goes on & on~ This picture is about a huge crystal ball with a secret number of gift boxes in it as her boyfriend's birthday gift.

You'll never get something like
this from me. But i can COOK!!! If you trust me... then marry me. LOL

Next up is Evelyn's. Evelyn's real name is Tan Ley Eng. This girl used to sit next to me in class and one day, she asked me to give her an English name. So I came out with the name "Evelyn" that I think rhymes with Ley Eng.

Another English name I managed to come out with was "Cyrus" for a guy named "Chok Yi". Cuz he wanted a "C" and a "Y" in his name. Geeez~ i should get paid for this, man! Set up a booth in my hometown and find people nice names. Haha!

Tzong Syh | Yoke Loong | JZ & ang pow | Yaw Mei | Evelyn

We used to think of ourselves as the S.H.E in school. How thick-faced lalala~

This is
Evelyn; who lost so much weight i was shocked to see her actually. The last time i met her was 3 years ago...

Since we don't gamble, we had nothing to do except for
yum cha :

At QiQi
again. -_____-"""

At least with a different group of friends. It's all about the company. ^^

So, how does this new S.H.E band looks like to you? I want to be Selina cannn?!!!

Simply me. My wispy bangs, sunglasses, shorts, and a handful of awesome friends. There's no place in this world that could make me feel the same as genuinely as myself. That's the POWER of Labis!

At night, we went to an outdoor restaurant called "
Lan Man" (Romantic) for the Gathering Finale!!!!!

That night, it felt as though memories grew wings and were flying around us like magic fireflies!

Pui Fen whom I used to call "Faye Wong" i loose contact with for SIX years!!! !!!

Yaw Mei and Boon Chyi the angel! i miss Boon Chyi already. That's what happen to a Johorian who doesn't wanna work at Singapore and migrates to KL...

If you wonder what we were drinking, allow me to introduce to you "
si mi lu". It's a mixture of gula melaka syrup at the bottom, twirling pandan flavaed sago in the middle, pieces of chunky honey dew below a gigantic ice berg; pricked with a straw and skinny spoon. Phewww~ i need one NOW! i swear you'll like it.

Fingerfood - Taiwanese Sausage and Fried Yau Char Kuey. Repeat after me: Fried. Yau Char Kuey. Means it's DOUBLE FRIED!! Ewww~

Bu it didn't taste that bad to be honest.

Everyone laughed at me because i wore my Paul Frank flip flops for Chinese New Year. WHY???!!! WhyWhyWhyWhyWhy???

Flip flops are so cool to be worn in country! Not heels on sand~! Righttt???