Monday, January 26, 2009

TopGirl / Sexc Moo~

Happy Chinese Cow OX Year everyone!

Here is how I spent my CNY EVE. Here, you will witness many many picturesque pictures of food, yours truly, people, and places. Enjoy~! :D

This is a Rainbow Huat (Fattt) Kueh my mum made by herself for the "pai pai". We excitedly gobbled up as much as we could of these cute lil' colorful morsels - Hoping we can get God's blessings. Sooo conservative sekali, hahaha!

This is call "Bantern". Its something like kuih lapis; but the difference is that this delicacy from Terengganu uses EGGS. Many many eggs(!) while kuih lapis and friends DON'T!

A bowl of So Mee for everyone. So Mee is a MUST-HAVE dish to be served during CNY for Xin Hua Ren. (my mum is a Xin Hua from K.T so I guess these dishes explained it all!!!)


At 12 P.M sharp, we headed down to my ama's house; which is a less-than-5-minutes-drive from my house. lol! But I still managed to do some cam-whoring...

For Christ's Sake.

Besides only plain old Jane Jade pictures, here are snapshots of my family members and our dear old Ah Kong :

I'm SURE that they BOTH like "Girls that like Girls". My Ah Kong is a very cool guy I swear by the cash. LOL! I bought this gay T-shirt for my brother btw. Quick say its awesome!!!

Me eldest grand child with grand pa.

Happy Family. ^^

These are dishes ama cooked. They are pretty much the same every year; but you only get to savor them ONCE A YEAR.

I stole some time to wander off to ama's garden after lunch. It used to be my Wonderland when I was a child. My cousin and I did many naughty things together here.

This is The Spot where we both stole ama's empty MILO tin and pee-ed inside! Then we would hear her screaming from inside the old bungalow, and we would run as fast as we could to :

Her bed of garden.

Then we would pluck a few stalks of her healthily growing spring onion and tear them into pieces! Happily filling the gap of our nails with Chlorophyll, we will throw them minced veg into our "pee soup".

Interesting, hah?!

You never know how a kampung girl could grow up to be a girl like this.

I grew up lying on this burning cemented ground under the hot sun; looking at the sky - interwoven with these thick fat wires I'm holding on to in this picture (above). Ama's voice used to sound like Daisy Duck's when she screams, but that could be easily blocked away. It's so much easier to focus and worry less when you're a kid.

Sometimes, I see an airplane or two above my two tiny eyes and I wonder where they are going, why am I never invited to fly with em'. Ahhh... Those were the days.

Where my imaginations run wild~!

Now I guess I know why. Ha Ha!!

My couz and I were forbidden to come around this green house area. I never understand why up to today; but I believe ama has her own unreasonable reasonable reasons. The then few inches tall girl would tip-toe till her feet hurt in those grotesque rubber slippers; just to see if she could peep inside and discover what's hidden in the house.

Peeping through a hole is always fun. :)

Dad came by, saw my brother and I peeping (again), and said "What are you doing? Silly ones; this door can be opened", and he opened the door.

HE opened THE door!!!!! HE OPENED the DOOR!!!!! *GASPS* I wonder what ama would think now.

So here's what's inside : (I wonder what's the HUGE DEAL)

An old rubber maker machine. HAHAHA!!! I suppose this babe costs a bomb in those days, and that's why its meant to be kept a secret.

Cindyanna ela ella eh eh ~ ~

Tried to get a Topshop-hy shot in this cob-webbed store.

And another. ^^

Eugene, my brother acting silly on the swing; which exists since my dad was a kid! O.M.G it's still swingin'!?

Then it was time to go home...


Back in my room, played this circus-ie ritual :

My lovely Barbie room,

With a Barbie girl.


OK I was trying to be artistic!!! =P




Well. There's only so much a girl could cam-whore. When night time arrived, my bunch of gila-gila guys and I went to a bubble tea place call QiQi.

Seng | Patrick | Er Err | Ah Hong | Leong | JZ | Chok Yi | Bee Yong

This was the Barisan Add-Maths during our 4 & 5 Sc 1 days...

This is the Physics group. We sat together 3-in-a-row for 2 years like this too!!

And Ban Leong is the founder of this tea house; QiQi. Big Boss!


I came back home a few minutes before twelve for the praying session :

Feeling very, very, very, tired indeed...

Pai Pai ~ ~

If you are not Buddhist, this is how we arrange the table for the Gods during the pai pai session. Don't freak out lol.

Reaaalllyyyy very sleepy by 1 am..... *yawns*

But mum ajak-ed us to go for a ride around country town to see what's happening around the neighborhood. We did this when my brother and I were younger. It's not a ritual and we only do this when we felt like it. This OX year however, we just agreed like a bull to a red cloth; regardless how weary we were!

This is generally how the houses in Labis are decorated.

The smoke is horribly happening...

And this picture looks as if lost souls are walking out from fire the humans set up for em' when they pray! =/



Let's better stick to this. Happy Chinese Niuuu Year, loves~!