Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Surprise Center

Kawaii or not? Ha ha ha!

I was clueless of what to wear. So I ransacked my wardrobe and mix-matched a few items. One of them was this strawberry black pearl necklace which; Katy Perry brought back to "life" this season. This is why you shouldn't throw away old items (you think you will never want anymore)!

At around noon, my aunts' family arrived and we cheered like hell! hahaha... It was very fun; trust me - Because baby Julian was here TOO!!!!! 8D

My youngest nephew -
Julian Jr.

We began taking pictures at our lovely country garden:

Mum and Aunt Alicia having lotsa fun by the pool! :D

Yo, yo~ Check out these Sunnies, babes! From sleek to bulky to... retro? @@

Us cous with Julian Jr holding my retro love-shape sunnies...

ANG ANG sangat ONGGG RARRR~!!!!!

Evening came by so damn fast WTF what we did is only take pictures and it's evening already. -___-"

14 of my hometown friends came by to
pai nian :

Amazinggg, no??? This is the beauty of my country town... ^^

If guys always think that girls in heels are a
mess and their big bags are troublesome, I beg to differ. Sneakers aren't that simple, are they? See; girls just slip into their strappy heels while guys, have to squeeze their heels, adjust the shoe tongue, tie the shoelace TWICE, bla bla bla~~~ BAH. I'd stick to heels, flats, or even flip flops.

But when I say flip flops, I certainly don't mean this (!!!) :

I shall not reveal whose feet do they belong... LMAO!

As the sun set, the 14 beautiful people headed back home for dinner. And so did I!

Dinner time is always amazing at my house. Mum's dishes never fail to impress...

yee sang.

Whole-hearted Ginseng Chicken Soup to sooth our Souls...

BIG ASS Ginseng. Did you just SEE that?!?!?! :O

Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets with Flower Radish and Star Carrots before Tsunamied with an ocean of..........

SCALLOP Sauce!!!!! !!!!! *

You have to
give your hand again this time to my DAD cuz HE's the one who cut these lil' pieces of radish and carrots into shapes; and Do You Know how harddd that is?! Especially those raw gum itcher carrots? (it happens when you chew too much of them) IT IS FREAKKIN' HARD!!!

I think my dad did a good job, and I'm very proud of him for helping my mum in the

How many of you would do that, guys??? :p

This is a
giant fish skinned and sliced into 3 different categories; cooked with a variety of 3 special sauces... I like the one with the sauce INSIDE an empty TOMATO. See that, see that?? ;D

Abalone swimming above a sea of braised Sea Cucumbers with unbelievably juicy giant Mushies under, decorated with a fan of fresh greens at the sides.

Prawns - that are unqualified to be called "Prawns" but Lobsters because they are so, so, so, HUGEEEE!!! I ate 2 and I felt so FULL already! Inconceivably tasty too!!

Lak Cheong Rice - The only non-halal food that night; I realized.

Kudos, MOM! We love you and your cooking!!!

Last stop was Cikgu Gan; our Add Maths teacher's house :

Cam-whoring with a spanking new VIOS under a heaven of sparkling dangling twinkles~

Ugly pink fish. =P

Since we were all too full to consume anything,
jeruk was the BEST anyone could offer...

Hmmm... Maybe this should be one of my necklace's beads... lol

A "WALLS + YEO'S ad" ala Love Perhaps? Hahaha... NO.

This is Ah Hong - Future Doctor / Pharmacist. He is Cikgu Gan's son.

Kuih Lapis Ah Hong brought from Sarawak in 3 different colors (they actually suit the color of my friends' shirt - but I'm too lazy to edit the pictures to make that point clear for you)

That ends Chinese New Year DAY ONE. Next up, would most prolly be Day Two. I'm going out again now~


Have a nice day ahead! ;)